It seems the glorious troupe of Final Fantasy 7 rattled BioWare's cage, prompting a companion character overhaul in Baldur's Gate 2.

Baldur's Gate Overcomes Cardboard Cutout Crisis

In a classic case of "you could learn a thing or two," erstwhile BioWare developer and veteran writer, James Ohlen, has come out of the closet about a stirring oddity that entwines the destiny of two RPG mammoths: Baldur’s Gate 2 and Final Fantasy 7.

Turns out, a frosty winter chirp from a producer at publisher Interplay hummed the comparative tune of Final Fantasy 7's dynamic characters and Baldur's Gate's crew. This casual observation sent ripples through Ohlen's blizzard-frozen ears, triggering his competitive streak like a belligerent Prima Donna whose ego had been slighted.

With a battle-worthy proclamation that would put any bearded dwarf to shame, Ohlen roared, "I’m very competitive." Off he plunged into the labyrinth of Final Fantasy 7. Stifled gasps and muttered "good gods" echoed around him as he realized this JRPG gang could outshadow his Baldur's Gate's crew easier than a dire bear squashing a kobold. Bitterly, he admitted, "These characters make ours look like a bunch of cardboard cutouts. This is terrible.”

Strike while the iron is hot, they say. So, did BioWare. Plowing through the mockery, they took this exposed ailment in their stride, letting the profound beauty of Final Fantasy 7's character plots creatively infect their minds as they diligently sculpted Baldur’s Gate 2. A steely-eyed observer might notice an uncanny resemblance between Final Fantasy 7’s Barret and Baldur’s Gate’s Jaheira. Of course, the real mirror here is their shared motivational grief, pushing them to quell personal sadness for a noble cause.

In terms of plot twisters, the majestic thunderbolt of Knights of the Old Republic’s storyline didn’t emerge from some divine epiphany. Instead, it revealed itself to be a downright daylight robbery of 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back'. Japan's Squaresoft and George Lucas shared the collective honor of triggering Ohlen's Eureka moments. It appears that the developer's escape and rescue sequence in Knights of the Old Republic is practically a 'Star Wars' movie script. Talk about recycling in the entertainment industry!

In his candid chit-chat with Rock Paper Shotgun, Ohlen also proclaimed his Herculean task of stacking up 20,000 hours on Dungeons & Dragons to arm himself for Baldur’s Gate's creation. Despite his industry longevity and towering achievements, Ohlen doesn't seem too keen on revisiting his former stomping ground for a Knights of the Old Republic 3 fantasy escapade.

Well, it seems all's well that ends well. The cardboard cutout crisis was averted, and the once parallel RPG universes collided. The unusual inspiration behind the companions of Baldur's Gate highlights the unpredictable, exhilarating world of game development. This cosmic synergy reminds us that healthy competition often leads to transformative creativity - even if it means admitting your characters are initially as flat as medieval pancakes!

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