NEOWIZ announces a special in-game event in their popular game, Cats & Soup, to celebrate 50 million downloads, a milestone reached in just 6 months.

Idle Game Cats & Soup Celebrates 50 Million Downloads

The popular idle game, Cats & Soup, developed by NEOWIZ, has reached an impressive milestone of 50 million downloads on iOS and Android, something the studio is celebrating in a big way. What's more notable is this robust milestone comes just 6 months after the game marked 40 million downloads.

Cats & Soup is a charming game that has grown in popularity due to its unique combination of cuddly cats in serene forest settings amidst soothing sounds of bubbling broth. The engaging visuals, which are hand-drawn, have added to the game's allure. To commemorate this significant landmark within the game, Cats & Soup is launching an exciting 50 Million Downloads Attendance Event.

Gamers can secure thrilling in-game items just by logging into the game. Limited edition costumes, exclusive event facility, observatory tickets, and gems are among the rewards up for grabs. This celebratory event will run until October 27th, giving plenty of time for everyone to participate.

Fans of idle games that don't require an inordinate amount of time commitment should consider Cats & Soup as an option, given its charming gameplay. The game also rewards players with special coupons announced on the official Instagram page, adding to the excitement.

Alongside this celebration, the new "Stone Age Mammoth Equipment Set" and the "Tanghulu Skin for Snack Cart" are available for purchase at the in-game store, offering another fun layer for loyal players.

Cats & Soup continues to captivate players with its casual charm and relaxed gameplay. For those interested in joining the celebration and trying out the game, they can download Cats & Soup from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the iOS App Store. The game is free-to-play with additional in-app purchases.

This achievement is emblematic of the game's appeal and serves as a testament to NEOWIZ's success. The fun and charming concept of the game, combined with the developers' dedication to enhancing and regularly updating the game, has evidently paid off. As Cats & Soup continues to charm its global audience, avid gamers can look forward to more exciting features and potential milestones in the future.

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