Steam Next Fest releases a celestial smorgasbord of demos, including Cobalt Core. It's where deck-building roguelike dungeon-crawler meets shiny spaceship fun in a FTL/Slay The Spire style.

Spaced Out Gaming with Cobalt Core's Stellar Demo

Hey, space game enthusiasts! Hold onto your moon boots - I dove deep into the extraterrestrial sea of Steam Next Fest demos and surfaced with a gem of interstellar proportions: Cobalt Core. Imagine Slay The Spire and FTL had a love child, raised on a diet of roguelike deck-building and fast-paced space adventuring - this game embraces the amalgamation completely.

We might argue that FTL's follow-up, Into The Breach, left its fingerprints here too, but why quibble about genetics? Just give the demo a whirl and experience the beguiling blend of influences.

In Cobalt Core, you are a maverick spaceship crew caught in a time loop - think Groundhog Day, but with more lasers - journeying the cosmos to break free. You must select your route to liberation via a FTL/STS-style galaxy map, choosing between dynamic battle nodes, cosmic bosses, interstellar shops, and paradoxical encounters. The path you pick is up to you - just remember, in space, no one can hear you scream if you make a wrong turn.