Want to vanquish monsters and burn calories, all in the real world? Meet New Fantasy, a game where augmented reality meets real-life physical exercise, transforming your daily run into an adventurously fun fitness routine.

Gamified Fitness Levels Up with New Fantasy AR Game

In an epic fusion of Albert Einstein meets Richard Simmons, ONTOP Studios introduces New Fantasy. This techno-fitness exercise marvel is set to be available for iOS devices come October 12th. Worth lacing up your running shoes for, it uses augmented reality and geolocation to transform your fitness routine into an exhilarating field day against virtual monsters!

In New Fantasy, your gym session suddenly becomes a battle arena. It's time to replace that yawn-inducing treadmill with a heady swirl of dodging and dashing away from fantastical creatures come to life. The game is a power-packed AR experience offering solo or multiplayer modes. Strap on your running shoes before you enter the fantastical stages, where monsters come to life via ARKit, ARAnchros, and LiDAR.

ONTOP CEO, Nuno Folhadela, professes that New Fantasy brings his dream of 'gaming the real-world' to life. His goal? To create a world where players can engage in physical challenges and epic boss fights outside their TV. And the best part – you don’t have to ditch your squad; you can continue the battle with your besties in the real world!

Before you rush to grab your sneakers, let us reassure you, there's no need to abandon your love for your phone. Ever wondered about the best AR games for iOS? Click right here!

For those who believe in a 'work hard, burn hard' motto, New Fantasy comes with its own accountability features. You dodge and squat to discover the monster's vulnerabilities, while the game tracks how many calories you've burned. Reward for killing two birds with a single squat, shall we say?

Excited to join the fitness fiesta? You can leap right into the action by downloading New Fantasy from the iOS App Store. Oh, and it's free to play – with in-app purchases, because, you know, it’s all about balance.

Even as you wait for the game or take a quick breather in between levels, keep tabs on all the news and updates from the New Fantasy universe via their official website and Twitter page. And if you're itching for a peek at the gameplay, simply hit play on the attached video clip for a quick preview.

Go on, join the New Fantasy community and rewrite your fitness story today! Now who said exercise was boring?

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