Valve pulls the plug on MacOS and older PCs for Counter-Strike 2 while throwing a much-appreciated lifeline, a "legacy" version of CS:GO, to the hardware-impaired gamers.

Apple Users Bid Farewell to Counter-Strike 2 with Legacy Consolation

Picture this - you're a CS:GO aficionado, a Mac user, and you've been awaiting the glorious arrival of Counter-Strike 2. Your pockets are lighter and hours of the night shorter since your gaming addiction commenced. And then - pause for dramatic effect - Valve pulls the virtual plug, discontinuing MacOS or outdated PC support for Counter-Strike 2. Ah! Such betrayal!

According to Valve, this step is critical as it embarks on an epic journey to achieve what they dub "the biggest tech upgrade in CS history." This means the magnanimous gaming door will only allow 64-bit Windows and Linux system holders to step into the exalting world of Counter-Strike 2. Left out in the cold, MacOS and older PC users are not entirely forgotten, as they'll be tossed the tastiest of gaming breadcrumbs - access to a special legacy version of CS:GO.

Unfortunately, when Valve blew the whistles launching Counter-Strike 2, it also retired CS:GO eternally, placing it in the realm of digital legends. However, as a consolation prize, MacOS and old hardware users get to dust off the legend and brush up their skills with same features of the original minus the magnetic lure of official matchmaking.

But before you start celebrating, this special offer comes with a time limit. Valve pumps the brakes on supporting this version on January 1, 2024. However, fear not dear gamers, while certain functionalities may suffer as time goes on, you can still enjoy CS:GO's legacy version, say global gaming gods from Valve in a Steam post.

For the gamer who splashed out on the Counter-Strike 2 Prime Status upgrade, worry not, for refunds under certain conditions are in the offing. If 32-bit systems and DirectX 9 were your gaming thrones, refunds can be claimed as long as you signed up for Prime Status between the game's Limited Test in March and its official 1.0 version launch in September 2023. Our MacOS homies can expect the same treatment if a majority of their game time was spent manoeuvring the maze of Global Offensive on a Mac during the same timeline. To claim your refunds, mark your calendar for 1st December 2023. Before you rush to the refund queue, keep in mind that upgrades in gifts, CD key forms and bans are no-go territories.

According to Valve, the players dumped represented less than one percent of active CS:GO's audience. So while the move makes corporate sense, it sort of creates a ghost town for those of us still holding on to good old Macs and aged PCs.

The fun flip side to this murky coin? Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sees a quasi-resurrection, giving those pining over its comprehensive features and expansive terrain a chance to relive the glory days. While all players can get a piece of the CS:GO pie, the offer only extends to private matches against bots.

We may have lost a gamer or two on the way and it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but, Counter-Strike 2 is a step in the right direction. As RPS's Ed Thorn noted, while CS2 might currently be missing some fan favourite content, given time, it promises to be "something pretty special." Players looking to optimize their experience might want to check out guides for the best Counter-Strike 2 settings, crosshair codes, and console commands.

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