Clash of Clans and Clash Royale zoom into the PC realm via Google Play Games. Wielding a mouse instead of a mobile never felt this tactical!

Supercell Games Take the PC Leap: Hello, Bigger Screen!

Need I mention the monumental names that are Clash of Clans and Clash Royale? If you're a mobile gamer, or merely a human with functional hearing, I bet you're familiar with these strategy-rich titles from Supercell. These games, with their finger-clicking fun and mind-boggling strategies, have been entertaining us for yonks. With one clocking close to a ten-year run and the other a proud seven-year-show, they've garnered a fan base that would make the cast of Friends green with envy.

And just when they should be sitting down with a cuppa, celebrating their wild popularity, what do they do? They've decided to invade your PC territory. Yes, my friend, you heard it right! Starting today, your favorite barbarians from Clash of Clans and those crazy card folks from Clash Royale have vouched for a bigger screen and grander battles with the beta version of Google Play Games. Supercell proved that their games are like good wine, they get better with technology.

But that's not all, folks. Wait till you hear about the bling. We're talking full mouse support for people who've always wanted to wave that magic wand and better-quality graphics to ensure every single goblin looks as ferociously cute as ever. And let's not forget the powerhouse performance capabilities that are going to make your gaming experience smoother than a pick-up line from James Bond.

The timing couldn’t have been better, the mad fans are going over the moon (maybe even Mars) with the latest Halloween updates and a plethora of events and activities lined up. If you haven't been lucky enough to be included in the roster of Google Play Games, it's like a candy store for serious gamers. It's an application that grants you a Willy-Wonka-style golden ticket to browse, download, and play a select bank of mobile games on your desktop or laptop.

As of now, the opportunity to smash some virtual towers and build villages is available through Google Play Games only in Canada, Chile, and Singapore. However, a global release is in the works. In other words, fans in the deprived regions - hold onto your socks for a little while longer!

For more on these grand updates, roll into the official websites of Clash of Clans or Clash Royale. Now you can riposte from your mobile to your PC and chant along - all hail the Supercell realm!

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