After years from behind-the-scenes, visual effect supervisor Dan Deleeuw finally got the chance to direct Tom Hiddleston in the riveting TV series, Loki. Here's some director's commentary with extra chuckles.

Dan Deleeuw Spills the Beans About Directing Loki

Breaking News: Visual effect supervisor turned director, Dan Deleeuw, officially entered the Marvel spotlight, directing time-traveling, mischief-maker Tom Hiddleston in the gripping second season of 'Loki.' Deleeuw, previously camouflaged behind Infinity War and Endgame, emerges to spruce up Loki's world with his own touch of sparkle and, of course, lots of laughs.

Hiddleston and Deleeuw's first meeting happened on unusual terms. Deleeuw confessed, chuckling, that his first ‘encounter’ with Hiddleston was directing his stunt double! However, re-kindling their camaraderie was no challenge, thanks to the generousity of the suave Hiddleston. According to Deleeuw, the English actor willingly opened the doors of the Loikverse – a magical world that Hiddleston masterfully crafted throughout the films – for Deleeuw to enter and enhance.

Now, hold on to your time-keepers because the second season of Loki is going to be quite a ride. The mischievous god reunites with Sylvie and clashes with Zaniac while haggling with Mobius and the time squad. The captivating season centers around Loki's struggle to embrace his dark side while marrying his past villainous persona with his present unlikely hero character.

"Just like us humans, Loki is a work in progress," says Deleeuw. "After witnessing his mother's death, he's beginning to question his choices and motivations. Is it truly all bad? Being the bad son? Or is there a different story? Now, he's learning to accept and balance the various aspects of his complicated personality." Chirps Deleeuw, "Our Loki still has a bad boy side, he just needs to learn to use his powers for good mischief, not Avengers-level havoc."

Trailers hint at our favorite god of mischief zapping enemies away, conjuring shadowy versions of himself, and duplicating his body. (Insert a wicked scoff) Of course, former special effects supervisor Deleeuw was not going to miss the opportunity to revive Loki's magic.

Flying into the director's chair was an ambition Deleeuw has been actively chasing for years. His dream was to meld his love for computer-generated imagery with the broader facets of film making. According to him, the Russo brothers played a pivotal role in his directorial debut. "They were incredibly generous and let me take on diverse roles. Eventually, heightening my responsibilities to directing additional photography and managing second directing," Deleeuw appreciates.

Season 2 features a star-studded crew roping in sci-fi favorites Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead as head directors, alongside Kasra Farahani and Deleeuw. The team worked closely with the actors, contributing and collaborating to maintain the familiar Loki tone and vision.

Congratulations to Dan Deleeuw on his directorial debut and shout-out to our favorite God of Mischief. As Loki himself would say, "this is an experience for the ages..." or centuries, depending on your time variance!

The second season of Loki is now streaming on Disney Plus. And for all the deep dive junkies desperate to grasp every easter egg and plot twist, check out the latest episode of the Inside Total Film podcast. Don't forget to mark your calendars for October 13 – the UK release date for the next exciting episode.

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