James Ohlen, Star Wars veteran, could not "force" himself to produce a sequel to Knights of the Old Republic, suggesting he's out of galactic juice.

Star Wars Designer Passes Lightsaber to Younger Jedi

What happens when an esteemed Star Wars designer has just about had enough of Wookiees, Death Stars and spinning around in an X-wing? They peace out, Jedi-style, of course! Such is the case with James Ohlen, lead designer of the acclaimed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Apparently, he's run out of Star Wars juice, and can't manage to pour any more of his famed creativity into intergalactic escapades.

Ohlen, who's had a hand in moulding the very fabric of the Star Wars universe, has decided to exchange his lightsaber for, well, we don't know what yet. But what we do know is that he's about as tired as a storm trooper after a day of missing all his shots, exclaiming, “Because I’m all Star Wars’d out,” in a recent chat with Rock Paper Shotgun.

The gaming guru has lent his genius to some of the most loved RPGs during his 22-year tenure at BioWare, contributing to gaming hits like Dragon Age: Origins, Baldur’s Gate, Anthem, and more. Considering his major role, it’s not surprising that many anticipated a threequel to Knights of the Old Republic from the mastermind. But alas, the Force won't be with that idea any time soon, as Ohlen is pretty much ready to retire his Jedi mantle and put his Star Wars days behind him.

In his trademark light-hearted manner, he added, "I have nothing else to say about Star Wars. But if a whole new studio does KOTOR 3 that loved KOTOR, that could be an amazing game.” Essentially, it's a galactic torch-passing ceremony to the next generation of Star Wars developers.

Despite Ohlen's Star Wars fatigue, he has a glimmer of hope for the franchise and an uncensored joke about Disney execs. Laughing off the supposed corporate indecisiveness, he said, "So hopefully Disney makes that happen. But probably not, because executives around there are all probably going, ‘it’s too hardcore.'"

Ohlen’s departure from the Star Wars universe reflects a growing trend among some seasoned creators who are eager to explore other themes or simply take a well-needed break. Though Disney’s attempts to rehash the original Knights of the Old Republic haven’t exactly had a smooth hyperspace jump.

Oh, and if you're wondering what can also prepare you to blaze a trail in game design, take it from Ohlen. According to him, having 20,000 hours of Dungeons and Dragons under your belt could be quite the advantage.

While we're all a bit starry-eyed at the thought of a Knights of the Old Republic 3, it seems clear that if such a sequel does happen, it will be with fresh hands guiding the Falcon. For now, all we can say to James Ohlen is, "May your new path be as exciting as your previous one and, of course, may the Force be with you!"

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