Set to revive classic arcade gaming passion, Allumer's vintage game, Blandia, is set to drop on PS4 and Nintendo Switch platforms on October 19th.

Allumer's Classic Game 'Blandia' Comes To PS4, Nintendo Switch

Hundreds of gamers around the globe, who are nostalgic for classic arcade experiences, are eagerly waiting for tomorrow's date. The iconic arcade game from Allumer, known as Blandia, is scheduled to be released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch platforms from tomorrow, October 19th. Previously, this game was highly popular in arcades following its original launch in 1992. Its upcoming platform release is expected to rekindle the love gamers had for this arcade classic.

Blandia is a fighting game sequel to Gladiator, also known as Ougon no Shiro or Great Gurianos. Unlike its predecessor, Gladiator, which blended elements of sidescrolling and fighting gameplay, Blandia is purely a traditional fighting game. Its gameplay takes users around the world, just like the popular Street Fighter II. To make the gameplay more interesting, weapons and shields have been introduced as collectible items within the game, adding an intriguing layer of strategy to the fights.

Blandia's story is set five years after the climax of Gladiator. The players need to choose one from six legendary warriors - Gurianos, Irriana, Retsu Zen, Diokles, Jurane, and McGill. The chosen warrior sets out on an epic journey to defeat the demonic lord Gildus, who has risen from the dead. The immersive game storyline coupled with the chance to choose and play as different characters makes Blandia a major draw for gaming fans.

Originally launched in 1992, the game was initially launched in arcades and saw massive popularity among gamers. Later adaptions made it suitable for FM Towns' computers (as Blandia Plus) and the PC-9821 (as Blandia 98). Now, nearly three decades later, the forever favourite Blandia is making its way back to the gaming spotlight via PS4 and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Reviving this classic game will not only reignite the fondness gamers once had for it but also introduce it to a whole new generation of players who may not have ever experienced it. Blandia's entry into modern game platforms marks another instance of the ongoing trend in the video game industry to remaster and reintroduce classical games to newer audiences.

Allumer's move abodes well for classic gaming enthusiasts who wish to experience the nostalgia of the traditional arcade era. It offers the opportunity to relive our gaming past with an added touch of modern technology. In an era of heavily-focused graphical and narrative experiences, games like Blandia serve as a reminder of how simple yet immersive and fun gaming can be.

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