Despite being seven years old, the game Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 still boasts a massive player base of approximately one million monthly players, thanks to Bandai Namco's consistent support.

Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 Retains Its Charm with Continued Popularity

In the highly competitive landscape of online gaming, it's not often a title maintains prolonged relevance and subsequent player interest. However, Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2, an action-adventure role-playing game released seven years ago, defies the odds, still attracting approximately one million players worldwide every month. Bandai Namco, the developer and publisher has shown an unwavering commitment, which has played a significant role in the game's ongoing popularity.

The confirmation comes straight from the horse's mouth - Masayuki Hirano, the producer of Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2. Speaking in an interview on the official Dragon Ball website, Hirano expressed his delight at the title's persistent trend of drawing in a substantial number of players every month. He attributed the appeal to the enduring enjoyment players get from participating in the game's unique universe.

His statement came as a surprise, given that the game's player commitment is akin to that of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). According to Hirano, the incessant volume of active players explains why Bandai Namco recently launched another significant update for the game and has announced a version for PS5, expected to release in 2024.

Hirano's comments have shed light on the surging popularity of Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2. This popularity wasn't a foregone conclusion when the game was released as even the production team hadn't expected to receive such an overwhelming response. Initially, Bandai Namco had plans to support the game for just a year post-release, but the game's success led them to extend their support.

The game's dynamic structure, revolving around the much-adored Dragon Ball franchise, has played a substantial role in its relentless triumph. It's likely that the immersive environment that allows players to engage with their favorite characters and explore pivotal moments from the series further enhances the game's appeal among Dragon Ball fans.

The gaming community has often shown great interest in longevity, particularly concerning how games can remain relevant and entertaining years after their release. Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 provides a worthy case study. Offering a steady stream of updates, expansions, and consistent support, Bandai Namco has managed to keep the interest from waning over the years.

On an ending note, you don't need to be a Dragon Ball fan to appreciate the consistent success of Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2. The lasting appeal of this seven-year-old game is a testament to the profound impact a game can make when developers and publishers invest time and resources in their product's longevity. This is a game that is by no means losing its lustre, continuing to punch its weight with a strong player base, years after its release. Bandai Namco's approach to nurturing the game's success provides a model worth emulating in the gaming industry.

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