'Flashback,' the latest horror short from 'Host' writer Jed Shepherd, invades Netflix this Halloween season, featuring a spine-chilling plot centering on a yoga teacher's life-altering experience.

Netflix Drops New Horror Short from 'Host' Writer

As the Halloween season is upon us, Netflix delivers another reason to stay glued to the screen with the release of 'Flashback', a spine-tingling horror short from the writer of the internet sensation, 'Host.'

Penned and directed by Jed Shepherd, 'Flashback' showcases the terrifying plight of a yoga teacher, portrayed by Jemma Moore, who experiences her life flashing before her eyes as she confronts a fatal home invasion. In the face of impending doom, the protagonist resorts to this time-warp phenomenon to go back in time and rescue her beloved man from a devastating fate.

Shepherd expressed his enthusiasm for the project on Twitter, introducing 'Flashback' as a work featuring some of his personal favorite people. The promotional trailer paints an eerie picture of Moore leading a yoga session in her studio, with a grim, shadowy figure imposing an ominous presence from the entrance. As this unfolds, an unseen narrator introspectively questions the nature of life and death, inquiring if one had the power to control the moments before death, would they change the course of events?

Shepherd has previously proven his knack for creating hair-raising suspense in unconventional scenarios, with notable contributions to horror films like 'Dashcam' and the breakout success, 'Host.' Debuting in 2020, 'Host' delivered fresh takes on the found footage horror genre, narrating the ill-fated adventure of six friends who attempt to conduct a séance through Zoom during the quarantine. As the ostensibly innocent meeting spirals into an uncontrolled supernatural chaos, they grasp the possibility of not surviving the night.

'Flashback', although concisely timed at 16 minutes, packs an intense storyline and features performances not only from Moore but also from Amar Chadha-Patel, known from 'The Creator,' and Haley Bishop.

With this new addition, Netflix adds to the frightful excitement of Halloween. 'Flashback' will be available on Netflix beginning October 20. Those in the mood for further spine-chilling, heart-pounding cinematic experiences can also explore Netflix's collection of top 30 horror movies, offering haunting terror and suspense that lingers long after the credits roll.

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