Lego joins forces with Nintendo’s lifestyle simulator ‘Animal Crossing’ for bite-sized virtual city building kits. Hopefully, your virtual bank balance can keep up!

Lego's 'Animal Crossing' Makes Banking Toy-Terrific!

Hold on to your (toy) bricks folks, because the grapevine rumors have come true! The Lego kingdom and the Nintendo universe are once again merging with the arrival of the adorable Lego Animal Crossing sets. Where financial overlords like Tom Nook previously made us sign virtual NDAs on our mortgages, the rules might change as Nintendo hasn’t yet spilled the beans on aspects like release dates, pricing, or the specificities of the sets. They did however, tweet a cheery teaser featuring Lego versions of fan-favorites like island management guru, Tom Nook, the ever-efficient Isabelle, the laid back Kapp'n, and the town's uber-cute symbol, Rosie the cat.

An observant eye will also notice Lego renderings of the world-renowned trees and stylized grass patterns from the game, hinting at their inclusion in these kits. It seems like very soon, we’ll be able to build our very own Lego-diorama of the 'Animal Crossing' paradise.

As is the norm with these things, a crumb-trail of teases usually leads up to a grand reveal within a day or two. So, if you happen to be an 'Animal Crossing' fanatic or a Lego enthusiast, or heaven forbid, both (goodbye spare time), you may want to bookmark the official Lego store page and keep your F5 key ready for refreshes.

This isn't the first time that Lego has toyed around (pun intended) with Nintendo characters. Super Mario and his party have been Lego-fied before, and some of the Mario sets have found a berth in the 'best Lego sets' list. Even the infamous Donkey Kong and his barrel-throwing kin have had their Lego moment. Which makes us wonder if the longstanding rumor of Zelda Lego kits will finally manifest in reality?

As we plunge headlong into the belly of the sales season, why not check out Prime Day Lego deals to satiate your Lego-set cravings? Till then, we eagerly anticipate the release of Lego's 'Animal Crossing' sets, armed with our virtual credit and a fervor that can only mean one thing - good bye savings!

Just remember to keep an eye out for those irresistible Lego deals, from the Friends’ Central Perk Set to the NASA Apollo Saturn V set. With over 250 million products being scanned daily for the best prices, you can bank on scoring some pretty sweet deals. See…mortal banking isn’t that bad after all.

Well, fellow Lego Citizens, it's time to put on your virtual town-planning hat, as we uncover the all-new brick-and-mortar (well, mostly plastic-brick) Lego sets that recreate the charming world of 'Animal Crossing'. Time to get your minifigure game on!

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