Microsoft brings back a beloved classic, Zoo Tycoon, not as a video game but as an enriching board game offering crafted by German designers Marc Dür & Samuel Luterbacher.

Microsoft Revives Zoo Tycoon Series Through Board Game

Microsoft aims to reintroduce a beloved classic, the Zoo Tycoon series, which was last launched as part of the Xbox One roster in 2013. This time though, the franchise isn't being reimagined as a video game. Instead, it will take a physical form as a board game, and fans of the original series couldn't be more excited.

The board game, titled "Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game," is the brainchild of Marc Dür and Samuel Luterbacher, two German designers who sought to tap into the nostalgia and love for the original series. Designed for 1 to 4 players, players begin with an empty park and limited funds, similar to the original video game. The objective is to transform this empty canvas into a thriving zoo across seven exciting rounds.

The official game description reads, "In Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game, 1-4 players compete to construct the most acclaimed zoo. This strategic game grants every player the liberty to frame their zoo as they please, with 35 species, numerous food stalls, shops, and other luring attractions. The ultimate goal, however, is to maintain a delicate balance between your zoo's popularity and conservation."

This week, Xbox Game Studios' Executive Producer Robert Jerauld, during a press conference with Xbox Wire, shared his insights about the innovations coming to the Xbox universe.

He voiced his strong belief in the potential of projects like Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game to enthral fans of franchises that may not be under active development. In his words, "Franchises that may not be under active development can still be actively appreciated by their fans. Zoo Tycoon serves as a prime example of this. We perceive this as a golden opportunity for Microsoft to express appreciation towards the committed and fervent Zoo Tycoon fans who have relentlessly kept the game's charm live. We acknowledge your dedication and deeply value you."

The excitement surrounding this novel adaptation of Zoo Tycoon extends beyond the gaming community and deep into the heart of Microsoft and Xbox HQ. For those interested in the try one for themselves, the deluxe version of Zoo Tycoon: The Board Game is available on Treecer.

Reflecting its wide acceptance, the Zoo Tycoon board game was formerly part of a Kickstarter campaign that raised more than seven times its original goal, clearly indicating its popularity among the gaming and board game communities.

In the future, we might see many other Xbox IPs taking the analog form of board games, adds Jerauld. It's an interesting proposition to imagine which Xbox IP could be the next to make this sensational transformation into a board game.

Meanwhile, icing the anticipation is a video clip of the Zoo Tycoon board game which gives a visual cue into what fans can expect from this intriguing adaptation of a cherished classic.

Overall, this new direction of leveraging dormant game franchises to create sensory, tactile experiences opens up a realm of fascinating possibilities. This endeavor not only preserves the legacy of the franchise in an evocative way, but it also provides a platform for fans to reconnect with a beloved classic in a whole new light. The experiment is a testament to the versatility and potential of blending the digital with the physical, as the boundaries between video games and traditional games blur, promising more immersive and exciting experiences for fans around the world.

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