CreSpirit re-enters the Metroidvania genre with TEVI, a worthy successor to Rabi-Rabi. The game has dropped a demo, impressing players with its refined gameplay and graphics.

TEVI, a Follow-up of Rabi-Ribi, Drops at Steam Next Fest

After a seven-year hiatus from the genre of Metroidvanias, CreSpirit, the development team behind Rabi-Rabi, has made a grand comeback with TEVI. Described as Rabi-Ribi 2 in all but name, TEVI is a bullet hell Metroidvania game that debuted a substantial demo during this week's Steam Next Fest. It appears the prolonged wait for CreSpirit's return to Metroidvanias was worth it, as TEVI has impressed gamers with its robust gameplay and polished graphics.

Tevi, the rabbit-girl protagonist, brings dynamic combat to the fore, seamlessly alternating between swift melee assaults and energy bullet volleys. While you start with fundamental moves, you'll soon unlock a series of new actions and combinations. These include a leaping slash, backflip sweep, and knife throw, providing an entertaining gaming experience.

Notably, TEVI succeeds in imbuing battles with rhythm. Most enemies can be stun-locked with speedy and precise melee hits. However, when foes start to armor up, the gameplay shifts. This forces you to maintain your distance and respond with measured laser firings and surgical strikes. Boss fights offer an elevated level of excitement with an increased number of projectiles to dodge.

What sets TEVI apart is the confluence of sophisticated gaming systems. The game comes with an improved art style that blends vibrant anime illustrations with stellar pixel art, a major upgrade over Rabi-Ribi. It includes a smartly labeled map with custom pins, allowing you to backtrace your path and revisit out-of-reach items. Players can customize combat and movement with a variety of equipable sigils that boost your stats and unlock new attacks. A simple crafting system adds value to the resources you find in the game.

Moreover, the game's save points are strategically located, mitigating any potential frustrations. TEVI also incorporates other features like a T-bomb and high-jump slot which fit perfectly into the exploration narrative, courtesy of the game's clean level design.

All these upgrades ensure that TEVI delivers an enjoyable gaming experience right from the start. Gamers are eagerly awaiting the game's official release on PC, scheduled for November 29, and subsequent releases on PlayStation and Xbox in 2024.

These developments have set the gaming community alight, as the bold return of CreSpirit promises an engrossing gaming journey with TEVI. The game appears to represent well the path of evolution that Metroidvanias have embarked on in the seven years since Rabi-Rabi. As a highlight of this week's Steam Next Fest, TEVI's demo has set high expectations for the full game's upcoming debut.

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