Tequila Works gives League of Legends players a frosty treat with a warm heart– get ready for an epic snowball fight and adorable yeti antics in the new game, Song of Nunu!

YETI Action in Upcoming Game, Song of Nunu!

Gather round, cyber gladiators! The frozen tundra of Freljord throws a puzzling snowball in the face of LOL (League of Legends) players next month with Song of Nunu. Just a few frigid weeks away, we have an exclusive trailer that’s melting hearts faster than clumsy yetis treading downhill!

But first, making their way from the pixelated snow-drifts of the classic game, our favourite ever-enthusiastic yeti-human duo Nunu and Willump are ready to MFPI (Make Freljord Puzzlingly Icy). Developed by Tequila Works, the artisans behind 2017's Rime, they are armed with... snowballs? Yes, a thrilling snowball fight launches this icy adventure, followed by yeti-tobogganing (that's a word now), and glacial puzzles that’ll make your brain freeze!

With previous LOL spinoffs – ranging from RPG Ruined King to Metroidvania Convergence – setting the trend for cameo appearances, Song of Nunu doesn’t disappoint. Riot's other MOBA characters – friendly Braum and the beguiling Lissandra – share the screen with our dynamic duo. Look out for Anivia, Freljord’s revered deity, descending in the form of a bird.

With a puzzle-solving gameplay in the icy climes in the offing, Nunu and Willump’s unique abilities come to the fore in Song of Nunu. Nunu’s mesmerizing flute playing is equally balanced with Willump's Herculean strength. This yeti is not just good at rolling colossal snowballs, he is also a master seesaw handler, proving indispensable in obtaining solutions to tricky puzzles.

Besides these mind-boggling puzzles, our lovable snow twosome has some other tricks up their frosty sleeves too. And it has all got to do with sledding (Are we seeing a theme here?), which your cold-numbed fingers will inevitably lead you to after battling the puzzles in this frost-forged realm.

So, if you thought LOL was all about combat and carnage, Song of Nunu bends the rule. It toys with the idea of the cute and the charming within the gargantuan gaming universe, warming players' hearts in the icy tundra, one snowflake at a time.

But buckle up, gamers! This isn't the only LOL spin-off set to charm down your armor. The enigmatic Yordles usher stardust vibes next year with the upcoming life sim game, Bandle Tale, adding another heartwarming cog in the LOL machine.

So get set for a fun-filled sledging adventure with Song of Nunu, as it drops in with a cold gust on November 1, on Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store. What's cooler than that? Pre-order now and bag a beautiful digital art book as bonus!

End your gaming calendar year with our list of new PC games. And let the games begin! Because in this frosty realm of LOL, remember - the cold never bothered us anyway!

(Note: An irresistible snippet of the upcoming winter wonderland lies below, because a trailer a day keeps gaming boredom away!)

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