Loki season 2 slips an X-Men Easter egg amidst the time-slipping mischief, creating quite the fan buzz about the potential MCU debut of X-Men.

Loki's "Eggs-citing" Teasers for X-Men Fans

You know, the thing about gods of mischief is, they just love to keep you guessing. Loki, that sly old dog, seems to be the epitome of surprise. Speaking of surprises, several eagle-eyed fans sniffed out a crafty X-Men Easter egg lurking amidst all the time-hopping chaos on season 2 of Disney Plus's "Loki."

Some context for the uninitiated: Loki, in this iteration, isn't trying to conquer humanity or crush the Avengers. Rather, he's caught in a whirlwind timeline of chaos and mystery. And what's this sprouting amidst the storm? A shiny metallic Easter egg hinting at Marvel's band of mutants, the X-Men.

Starting to get the 'picture'? Look closely, my dear Watsons, when our mischief crew prepares to venture outside to tackle Loki's time-traveling setback. Do notice the doors to the TVA - don't they look a smidge too familiar? Yeap, they are strikingly similar to the ones you'd find at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters from the X-Men universe. Even their functionality is identical. Oh, and how can you miss the big fat, bold "X" screaming in your face?

This subtly executed Easter egg brought the house down among super-analysing fans. While some suggest it as an indication of the impending landing of X-Men in the MCU, others reveal a connection with season 2's star, Ke Huy Quan. If you remember (now that would be a keen fan!), Quan lent his talents as an assistant fight choreographer and translator to the first X-Men movie. In Loki's second season, Quan emerges as everyone's darling, O.B.

Marvel stays annoyingly mum on when we can expect a grand mutant entrance. Yet the presence of mutants has received gentle, sporadic nods. In the series end of "Ms. Marvel," we see Kamala Khan identified as genetically mutated. Even Namor labels himself a mutant in "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever." Yet, a frustrating dearth of X-Men related projects for Marvel Phase 5 means we wait with bated breath until at least Phase 6 for a proper X-Men introduction.

While the mutant mystery touted by Loki season 2 currently, ahem, 'mutates' fan theories worldwide, Disney Plus entertains with new "Loki" shenanigans each week. To feed on your curiosity monster, delve further into Loki's sprawling lore and playful mysteries through our comprehensive guides, reviews, schedule, history, and more. So keep your magnifying glasses handy, fellow detectives. You never know when another Easter egg might tumble out of Loki's trickster hat!

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