The Super Mario Bros. Wonder game might have a new voice for the beloved character, leaks suggest. People are speculating that the veteran voice actor, Mick Wingert, may potentially be lending his voice to Mario.

Datamined Demo May Reveal New Voice for Mario

The cyber realm is swirling with speculations about a potential new voice for the iconic video game character, Mario, in the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. game titled Wonder. This change was inferred through a datamined demo of the upcoming retail game, leading to burgeoning chatter on cyberspace.

The discovery was initially made public on Wednesday due to a circulated list of voice actors. A user under the name MondoMega, on a gaming forum called Famiboards, then matched the names to characters and potential roles they might be playing. This list inclusively revealed some surprising changes as well as constants.

For the sake of sheer suspense, let's talk about the constants first. The list suggests that long-established character voices such as Samantha Kelly (the voice behind Peach, Toad, and Toadette), Kenny James (the voice of Bowser), and Caety Sagoian (Bowser Jr.'s voice) will be reprising their roles in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

However, it's the speculation on the unfamiliar names that has captured everyone's attention. Some believe that these are the voices for the "Talking Flower" in multiple languages. But a few names on the list still remained unidentified, pending speculations.

MondoMega, using the process of elimination, strongly believes that Mario's new voice could distinctly belong to veteran actor Mick Wingert. Known for lending his voice to Marvel's Tony Stark / Iron Man since 2015 in various cartoons and video games, Po in the Kung Fu Panda video games, and cartoon series, and Il Dottore in Genshin Impact, Wingert's possible inclusion has certainly spruced things up. Wingert's connection with Nintendo isn't alien, as he also voices roles in Fire Emblem Heroes, a game produced by Nintendo. The speculation, if true, could herald a fresh identity for our beloved Mario.

Adding to the speculation, Kevin Afghani was another new name that popped up during the voice actor identification process. However, as per MondoMega's belief, Afghani most likely provides the English voice for the "Talking Flower," which happens to resemble the character "Arnold" from Genshin Impact, voiced by Afghani himself.

Interestingly, Deanna Mustard, known for her long-standing voice work for the character Daisy isn't spotted in the datamined details. This has led to assumptions that Mustard might no longer continue voicing Daisy. However, any official announcement regarding this surprising departure hasn't been made by Nintendo.

While most of these revelations remain speculation, gamers and fans of the Super Mario Bros. series will likely have to hold their horses until the game's official release on Friday, October 20th. The day could present the actual unveiling of who the new voice of Mario could be.

What does the community think of Mick Wingert potentially stepping into Mario's shoes? Fans of the franchise will surely be waiting with bated breath for the final word from Nintendo.

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