Xbox announces Free Play Days, enabling gamers with Game Pass Core or Ultimate to play three games for free. The deal runs from October 19th to the 22nd.

Xbox Offers Free Play Days for Select Games

For all Xbox devotees, good news! The company has introduced its latest set of Free Play Days titles that are up for grabs. This weekend's offering comprises three games, including the recently released NBA 2K24 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

The three titles in question are Hokko Life, Lawn Mowing Simulator, and NBA 2K24 which are available on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. To participate in this Free Play Days promotion, players need to have either the Xbox Game Pass Core (formerly known Xbox Live Gold) or the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The exciting part is that these games are playable for free from today until late on Sunday, the 22nd of October. Additionally, both Hokko Life and Lawn Mowing Simulator have been discounted by 60% as part of this week's Xbox deals. Meanwhile, NBA 2K24 versions also have Xbox Game Pass discounts at the moment. If at any point users decide they would like to continue playing any of these games beyond Sunday, they can take advantage of these sales and permanently add the games to their collection.

There's also a variety of other news from the gaming world. There's the Xbox Shocktober Sale of 2023 now live. More than 900 games are discounted this week, including popular titles like Elden Ring, Resi 4, and Hogwarts.

Downloading the games to participate in the Free Play Days is quite straightforward. Simply search for the game on the Xbox Store and hit the corresponding "Install, Included with Gold" or "Free Trial" button. After that, all that remains is to enjoy the game.

This weekend seems like the perfect opportunity for gamers to take the new NBA 2K24 for a spin, chill with the Hokko Life, or find enjoyable monotony in the Lawn Mowing Simulator.

Looking ahead, Xbox already has six games confirmed for the Xbox Game Pass in November. Several games, including more than 50 from Activision Blizzard, could soon be included in the schedule. The Call of Duty MW3 Beta is also expected in the coming days as Xbox continues to keep its gaming community engaged and entertained.

So, if you haven't explored it yet, now is the perfect time to immerse yourself into Xbox’s Free Play Days. Whether you're an old hand at gaming or someone seeking something new to try, the variety of games on offer caters to all types of players. With these deals, Xbox continues to spark excitement in their gaming community and contribute to the thrill of gaming worldwide. Take the plunge and enjoy these deals as you navigate the thrilling world of Xbox gaming.

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