ARK/8's Elden Ring luxury streetwear collection, collaboratively designed with Fromsoftware, creates a stir due to high prices and concept beyond gaming.

Exorbitant Prices of Elden Ring Luxury Streetwear Collection

For all the fans of the Elden Ring game, a luxury streetwear line inspired by the game has been released. However, the stunning collection by luxury clothing brand ARK/8 in collaboration with Fromsoftware could cost you an eye-watering amount of up to £1,400 or $1,700. The undeniable beauty of the Lands Between collection is turning heads, but its premium prices are also raising eyebrows.

The collection, a result of the harmonious collaboration of ARK/8 with Fromsoftware, incorporates nine items all inspired by Elden Ring. The prices range from a staggering low of £100 for the least expensive item to a mind-blowing £1,400 for the costliest fur coat. Dimitri van Eetvelde, ARK/8's creative director, shed light on why the company was attracted to Elden Ring. He explains that the game possesses a depth and substance that the brand aimed to replicate in its clothing line.

The Lands Between collection is much more than basic garments with a graphic. A distinctive example is the £220 Tarnished hoodie. Plain black but with a few holes for that perfect 'Malenia just kicked my butt' look, this piece is certainly more than just a graphic sweater. The collection's bomber jacket steals the show with an entire map of the Lands Between finely painted on it - a beautiful portrayal that makes the hefty £875 price tag seem palatable.

What takes the cake as the most expensive item in the collection is the Fur Runes Coat. Comparatively, it's price seems to suggest the coat was crafted from the skin of the Red Wolf of Radagon - an Eldon Ring creature.

When critically looking at the exorbitant price tags, one might start to understand ARK/8's strategy. The brand aims not just to please the game's die-hard fans. Van Eetvelde shared, "We don't want to cater only to hardcore [gaming] fans". The target demographic for these pieces might not even recognize the Elden Ring theme. From a visual standpoint, potential buyers could love the clothing just for its design.

Fromsoftware was very much invested in the clothing line, engaging in back-and-forths with the designer on over 100 designs and three different collections. However, many designs were left out in the end.

Budget-friendly Elden Ring merchandise exists - for example, the modded Malenia boss fight from Sekiro. Also, the fans can keep their hopes high for the in-progress Shadow Of Erdtree expansion. As the game's universe continues to captivate players, brands like ARK/8 build bridges from the game's fantasy land to the material world of fashion.

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