Will Shen, prominent Fallout and Starfield quest designer, joins a growing team of RPG industry veterans at the newly established Something Wicked Games, thereby beginning a new chapter of his career.

Starfield's Lead Designer Diverts to Something Wicked Games

Will Shen, an esteemed achievement in the world of video game design, known for his exceptional raw talent and years of profound experience in crafting engaging journeys for players, has decided to leave Bethesda studios, where his quintessential work on the space epic, Starfield, and Fallout stirred the hearts of many gamers. Accomplished in his field, Shen held the positions of both a lead quest designer and the design director on Starfield, promising fans an immersive, interstellar experience.

In a notable shift, Shen has now hitched his wagon to the dynamic team at Something Wicked Games, a fledgling enterprise surrounded by an aura of excitement and appreciable curiosity in the gaming industry. Apart from Shen’s expertise, the newborn studio brings together a formidable array of game designers. Among them are noteworthy pegs from BioWare, Bethesda, and Obsidian, promising to incubate a vibrant, creative environment that the world hasn't seen before.

In his upcoming role, Shen will bear the responsibility of seamlessly marrying the narrative and the design perspectives of the game, aiming for a unified vision. He aspires to deliver a game that exhibits a singular, harmonious direction, a virtue that, according to Shen, has been the game-changer for triple-A role-playing games.

Next on the studio's docket is a much-anticipated RPG called Wyrdsong. This novel project pairs a downcast fantasy setting with mythic elements ripped from real-world folklore and historical horrors. The CEO of Something Wicked Games, Jeff Gardiner, previously responsible for casting the magic of the Lovecraftian horror, revealed the contrasting tones intended for the upcoming game. Gardiner plans to juxtapose instances of serenity and relaxation with moments of stark dread spiced with nuanced humor. He vowed to retain Fallout’s signature ambience - a tortured, crumbling world, which contrarily incites bouts of laughter among players.

While the gaming community eagerly awaits the debut of Something Wicked’s Wyrdsong and the rollercoaster it promises to deliver, they migth like to explore some of the best RPGs currently available in the gaming market. The transition from Bethesda to Something Wicked Games plotting a new trajectory for Shen’s storytelling craft adds another exciting chapter to his portfolio. As the ripple effects of the shift unfurl, fans and gaming enthusiasts worldwide set their eyes on the horizons of this thriving game studio, waiting to be led on another unforgettable virtual quest.

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