Start your Jedi journey with Minecraft’s new Star Wars DLC, unlocking story-driven adventures, custom lightsabers, and droid companions. Set in the Clone Wars era, the pack is set to release next month.

Minecraft Introduces Star Wars-Themed DLC

Much-loved gaming platform, Minecraft, is set to launch a Star Wars-themed downloadable content (DLC) pack next month. The pixelated galaxy will be packed with characters from the storied Star Wars universe, all envisioned in signature Minecraft style. Besides seeing their favorite characters in a whole new light, players will be able to craft custom lightsabers and equip a droid pal for their journeys as Jedi padawans.

This forthcoming DLC, titled 'The Path of the Jedi,' is based on the popular Clone Wars from the Star Wars prequel movies and the animated series of the same name. The makers have released an enticing teaser that features characters like Mace Windu, young Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano, and of course, the inimitable Yoda. Notorious antagonist General Grievous, recognizable from his multiple robotic limbs, wields an array of block-shaped lightsabers, hot on the Jedi's tail.

Diverging from its predecessor, this Star Wars-themed Minecraft DLC focuses on delivering a story-driven experience. Players will guide their fledgling Jedi Knight on an expansive intergalactic tour, traversing iconic Star Wars planets like Coruscant and Kamino to complete multiple missions.

The cube-shaped planets present in the video make a unique addition to the gameplay visual experience. Complementing the engaging narrative, players can bring a customizable droid companion along on their journeys and wield personally crafted lightsabers emitting the quintessential 'vvvmmmmm' sound. The DLC description hints at battling it out with creatures and members of the Dark side, with the teaser featuring a player using Force powers to toss around battle droids and revealing an unknown character with two red lightsabers. This potentially suggests a cameo by Clone Wars villain Asajj Ventress.

'The Path of the Jedi' DLC is slated to release on November 7th, with price details yet to be revealed. However, it's clear that players will need the most recent version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition to access the content. As a bonus element, until December 7th, players will be able to secure a free R2-D2 T-shirt from the Dressing Room.

The news about the Star Wars DLC was disclosed during Mojang’s annual Minecraft Live event. In addition to the Star Wars content, upcoming changes to Minecraft, including the release of Minecraft 1.21, were also shared. This forthcoming update, carrying a focus on "combat and tinkering," brings in the maze-like Trial Chamber, auto-crafting crafter blocks, and a brand-new mob named the Breeze. The fresh Minecraft content certainly adds an exciting new dimension to the popular gaming experience.

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