As if the Marvel Cinematic Universe wasn't complicated enough, Loki Season 2 adds a dose of mischief to the timeline. Here's how to decode it, sans spoilers.

Dusting Off Marvel's Timeline for Loki Season 2

Perhaps the only thing trickier than convincing Loki to keep his glorious promises involves pinpointing the exact location of his time-trekking shenanigans on the just-as-tricky Marvel timeline. Our conundrum involves the second chapter of Loki on Disney Plus, a saga twirling around multi-verses, sacred timelines and slightly miffed timekeepers. Buckle up, folks, because it's a wild ride!

First, a brief history lesson -- the Loki we're acquainted with isn't the one we've cheered (or jeered; we don't judge) across multiple Marvel masterpieces. Nope, this Loki harks back to the 2012 model, freshly escaped from The Avengers. That’s right, we have a variant on our hands (a term that we learned quickly). Besides flaunting greener garbs and a slicker hair-do, this Loki also carries a pretty big spoiler alert: he's seen his own demise, and beyond! Courtesy a montaged trip thrown at him during his first season stint, our sneaky god knows everything up until the nail-biting, neck-breaking climax of Avengers: Infinity War. Talk about rough movie nights!

Got that? Good. Now, if you recall the guilty hands that spun this particular timeline into a knot, cast your memory back to our beloved Avengers indulging in their very own past-hopping jaunt in Avengers: Endgame. Loki's sticky fingers on the Tesseract was an oversight by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, who, let's face it, dropped the ball (or in this case, the cosmic cube). So, in some ways, Loki season 2 interiors are decorated with bits and pieces from that movie as well.

Still with us? Excellent! Ready for more curveballs? Loki season 2 also playfully nudges towards Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania's post-credits scene, heralding Kang's variant, Victor Timely. The movie is traced to 2025 on the MCU chronology, hinting that Loki's adventures tumble further down the timeline.

But hold on, don't calendar-mark just yet. Exactly when Loki season 2 is set remains as elusive and tantalisingly out of reach as a disappearing dagger. The Time Variance Authority (TVA) headquarters, where most of our story unspools, exists in a timeless zone outside all other timelines. Add a dab of time travel, and you've got a temporal soup as confusing as soup can get.

So, the takeaway? Don't sweat the timeline small stuff! Just remember, in the fast-spinning world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, dates are more of a vague guideline and less of a concrete fact. But if you absolutely need a guide, maybe check ours out: Loki season 2 review, Loki season 2 release schedule, Victor Timely, how to watch Marvel's epics in order, and everything else exciting in the Marvel pipeline.

Just remember to keep your Tesseract out of Loki's reach!

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