Silksong's eagerly awaiting online fan base reckons they've managed to Sherlock Holmes a reveal in this weekend's PAX Australia event. Could this be it?

Hollow Knight: Buzz Surrounding PAX Australia Unveiling

In the murky world of online video game conspiracy theories, another nugget has been unearthed. The long-awaited sequel to Hollow Knight: Silksong is rumored to be on the brink of a reveal announcement, and this time it might be less of a wild goose chase and more of a treasure hunt.

The spark for this virtual frenzy? A seemingly innocent tweet from the official Xbox Australia and New Zealand account. The gathered hordes of Silksong enthusiasts, however, read between the characters, detecting huge lashings of Silksong soupçons. Within seconds, their frenzied decoding and the bewildering speed of their speculation lights up the subreddit like a Christmas tree.

Knowing full-well the roller-coaster of rumor and disappointment die-hard Silksong fans have previously ridden, many tread cautiously. However, numerous posts brimming with hopeful fervor have bright-eyed fans stating things like, "Xbox would not tweet that if they did not receive the full game," and that the tweet was "too blatant and tongue-in-cheek not to be a teaser."

Of course, the theory isn't without its doubters. Many fans, their hearts repeatedly shattered by past false promises, question the validity of the whisperings. They duly remind everyone of times past when they played the role of the clown, eagerly awaiting each game showcase only to be left, once again, in the cold.

However, there's a twist hidden in the kangaroo pouch here that suggests this might not be another pie in the sky.Making this specific tweet rather tasty is the coincidence - or perhaps, orchestration - of PAX Australia celebrating its tenth anniversary in Melbourne. The event's location yokes it neatly to Team Cherry, the Aussie developers of Hollow Knight: Silksong. The combination could be seen as the recipe for a weekend of game-related revelation.

Silksong's proverbial breadcrumbs have remained scant since its announcement in February 2019. A trailer graced our screens during E3 2022 offering a beacon of hope with a 2023 release. Yet, sadly, like a mirage in the desert, it has faded as the game was delayed in May. The recent Unity fees kerfuffle further clouded the game's future, hinting at possible reasons behind the delay.

Yet, amidst the smoke of speculation and disappointment, Silksong has emerged as Steam's second most-wishlisted game, hinting that the appetite for the game remains ravenous. Even though the rumor mill often churns out little of substance, there's still a glimmering hope that Silksong’s eager fans may finally have their hunger satiated in the not-so-distant future.

Jokingly prepping to wear their clown makeup en masse again, fans are biting their nails to the quick waiting for the curtain to lift at PAX Australia. Whether they'll be greeted with the game of their dreams or another empty stage is anyone's guess. What's certain though is that this lively community would trade in their game stations for a concrete release date. As they dutifully explore every morsel for hints while waiting for Silksong's arrival, the question remains: will PAX Australia be the bearer of good news or yet another letdown? Only time, and the teasing tweets of Xbox, will tell.

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