Although Super Mario Bros. Wonder kickstarts a "new phase", Nintendo's unsure about the path of Mario's future 2D platformers. They’re full of optimism, but what comes next is as uncertain as a mushroom power-up’s effect on waistline.

Mario's Future: More Uncertain than a Koopa Shell Bounce

Nintendo’s decision-making is usually predictably reliable, like a well-timed jump onto a Goomba’s head. But it seems they've temporarily misplaced their 'Power Star' in regards to the future course of Mario's 2D platformers. With Super Mario Bros. Wonder commencing what's been dubbed as a "new phase", Nintendo remains optimistic but unsure on specifics.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Nintendo bigwigs hummed and hawed (probably while looking suspiciously for secret pipes) about what comes next. "Just as we transitioned from the New Super Mario Bros. series, we're embarking on a new phase," claims producer Takashi Tezuka. He goes on to admit, "at this point, we're like Yoshi with a ghost house, we don’t have a clear path laid out for the next game style." Oopsy Daisy!

Since a decade-long hiatus, Mario returned to his 2D glory with New Super Mario Bros. on the DS in 2006. Success was as fast as a well-executed Tanooki suit flight, spawning three record-smashing sequels - New Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. 2, and New Super Mario Bros. U. Yet, after a substantial 11-year break from 2D, we're left to wonder what’s next? Perhaps they've been too carried away with the princess always being in another castle to invest time in another traditional 2D romp.

Art director Masanobu Sato is more optimistic than Toadstool on a sunny day in the Mushroom Kingdom. He believes Super Mario Bros. Wonder could be the stimulus for the next generation of Mario shenanigans. He likens it to the impact the New Super Mario Bros. series had, stating, "Super Mario Bros. Wonder has unfolded a wider canvas for more wacky adventures for Mario and friends."

While it's been ages since our plucky plumber embarked on a 2D journey (Mario Maker doesn’t count, sorry not sorry), the company reaffirms its commitment to maintaining quality. Tezuka adds, "time has stretched longer than Yoshi’s tongue since the last 2D installment, yet we're committed to raising the bar each time we roll out a new game".

The early sneak peeks at Super Mario Bros. Wonder promise a thrilling ride, better than any slide down a flagpole. The multiplayer features might remind you of the enchanting Elden Ring, Daisy finally gets her well-deserved spotlight, and who could have predicted the sheer joy of stomping around as elephants! Yes, elephants.

Our initial view of Super Mario Bros. Wonder says it brings out the child in us, rekindling memories of our favorite 17-year old Nintendo platformer. While the path ahead isn’t strictly painted, we're more excited than Mario discovering an extra life and we're eager to see where this "new phase" takes us. May it be full of mushrooms, stars and fire plants!

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