The Oscar-winning actor of Loki fame didn't just pop into the Marvel universe; he's been secretly busting moves there since 2000's X-Men.

Ke Huy Quan: Marvel's Undercover Veteran

Plot twist! This is not Ke Huy Quan's first rodeo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Before he made us all sit up and take notice as O.B. in the second season of 'Loki', he was busy concocting fight scenes for mutants. Yes, he was disemboweling the script of X-Men way back in 2000, not as an actor, but as an assistant fight choreographer. Don't believe me? Bust out your old VCR and check out this unearthed behind-the-scenes tape making the rounds of Twitter.

In it, Quan can be seen directing two stunt doubles for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. A little less conversation, a little more action, please! After that, he hung up his Marvel boots, leaving us deprived of his genius for almost 25 years, until his triumphant return in 'Everything Everywhere All at Once'. And, boy, did he drop the mic in that!

Speaking of mics, remember the one that Quan bumped into while on the X-Men set? It was none other than an ambitious Marvel newbie by the name of Kevin Feige. Who knew that he would soon be calling shots as the Marvel Studios president! Feige was so smitten by Quan's comeback performance that he invited him to the 'Loki' set. Or as Quan puts it, "He called me and he said, 'I saw [Everything Everywhere All at Once. You're great in it. And I want you to come join the [Marvel Cinematic Universe] family.' And I was just so happy."

Happy, we bet! Joining the Marvel family is no minor feat. And now, the cherry on top is that Hugh Jackman will don his Wolverine suit, this time in a comics-accurate yellow, to rejoin Quan in the upcoming Deadpool 3. Talk about coming full circle, right?

But until then, Quan keeps us hooked to our screens in Loki season 2, now streaming every Friday on Disney+. And if you need a little catch up on the MCU, don't worry, we've got your back. Here's your survival guide: All the Loki season 2 reviews, release schedules, timelines, a recap of season 1, a sequential list of the Marvel movies, a peep into Marvel Phase 5, and comprehensive intel on upcoming Marvel flicks and shows. You're welcome, Marvel fans.

And remember, whether it's Wolverine's claws, Deadpool's quips, or Loki's mischief, Quan has indeed been everywhere all at once in the MCU - making our comic book dreams come true one scene at a time.

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