Edge WebView2 has become available to Xbox applications; bringing impressive improvements to the performance and versatility of game and multimedia interfaces on Microsoft's gaming console.

Microsoft Expands Edge WebView2 Functionality to Xbox Apps

In a technological stride towards enhancing performance and functionality of gaming and media applications, Microsoft Edge WebView2 is officially recognized as operable on Xbox. An announcement from the tech giant's Edge Blog enlightened the community on the expansion, due to an overwhelming demand from developers of WebView 2 and Xbox multimedia apps to bring this innovative technology onboard. Microsoft assures that the integration will not only elevate the user experience but also enhance the developmental processes related to the gaming console.

The Xbox, beyond just a gaming console, has been a hub for users to enjoy multimedia and online content. Understanding this trend, Microsoft has made the leap to support WebView2 on Xbox and consequently steer away from the EdgeHTML WebView. Notably, this transition brings multiple improvements and promises an elevated gaming and viewing experience for Xbox users.

For starters, modern web features support has been made possible by WebView2, enabling Xbox app developers to use modern web APIs in their respective applications. Developers now have an edge in employing the latest technology standards, thereby creating applications that present more advanced and versatile features. Viewing performance on the Xbox has seen a boost thanks to WebView2, enhancing smoothness and responsiveness of apps. Moreover, WebView2 drastically ameliorates the remote debugging experience, alleviating the woes of developers while working on app enhancements and bug resolutions.

Microsoft MakeCode, an interactive platform designed to teach code creation, game development, and device modification, has the distinction of being one of the first Xbox apps to utilize WebView2 in their production app. The MakeCode Arcade Kiosk app benefitting from this integration allows users to create and play their games directly on Xbox, adding to the console's versatility and user experience offerings.

A popular entertainment streaming app for Xbox, STARZ, too has embraced WebView2, underpinning the new development's broad utility. Microsoft's move has been met with anticipation, excitement, and optimism at the prospects of more enhanced and versatile applications being developed on Xbox, given its newfound compatibility with advanced browser controls.

As noted by The Verge, Xbox owners have already been enjoying the capabilities of the Chromium-powered version of Edge. However, developers until now had been reliant on the somewhat outdated version of Edge. The transition to WebView2 brings to close this disparity, essentially meaning that developers, just like users, will enjoy top drawer technological assistance when working on Xbox.

The Edge experience on Xbox is all set for a substantial transformation. While any app updates or new developments exploiting this integration are yet to be seen, the move has certainly paved the way for advancements in Xbox app development and performance. Making modern browser control technology, programming interfaces, and performance enhancements available to developers, the integration of WebView2 onto Xbox marks an optimistic progress in the world of gaming technology. For a more detailed overview, readers can explore the Microsoft Edge Blog.

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