Players of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 have discovered a secretive ninja room in-game, inciting theories about potential DLC introducing new characters like Daredevil or Doctor Strange.

Spider-Man 2 Game's Mysterious Ninja Room Incites DLC Theories

With all the excitement around Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man 2 beginning to subside, players are finding more time to delve into the intricacies of the open-world epic and uncover what might lie beneath its surface. In particular, several unusual elements such as a non-existent law firm, a strangely outfitted bookstore, and cryptic comments from the Insomniac team have led gaming enthusiasts to speculate about plans for upcoming downloadable content (DLC). Marie Caboose, a YouTuber, offers a walkthrough to locate the bookstore and its peculiar inside in the game.

Earlier iterations of the Spider-Man series featured an easter egg in Hell's Kitchen - a plaque advertising the Nelson & Murdoch law firm's services, signifying the involvement of Marvel character Daredevil. In Spider-Man 2, while the plaque is still there, no names are inscribed on it, implying the Daredevil might have moved elsewhere. This change has not gone unnoticed and was brought up in a conversation with Brian Intihar, Insomniac's senior creative director. Although Intihar was evasive, his tantalizing reply suggests we should keep our eyes open for more clues.

Inside the above-mentioned bookstore, players can observe different symbols, swords, skulls, weapons, and other items suggesting occult undertones. A striking red flag hovers above the store, and a unique symbol is emblazoned over the garage. These details led to theories about The Hand, a malevolent mystical ninja clan from the Marvel Universe, being introduced in the game, with the symbol possibly being a revamped version of their emblem. The presence of such insinuations and Intihar's hints have prompted some players to anticipate a Daredevil crossover, as Matt Murdock – Daredevil's civilian identity – has significant experience combating The Hand in the comic series.

However, the bookstore mystery isn't just linked to Daredevil. An obscured symbol, reminiscent of that on Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum window, is partially visible behind a bookshelf. Coupled with the bookstore's occult themes and a reference to the Sorcerer Supreme by the character Wong, the bookstore could also be a subtle hint towards the appearance of Doctor Strange in the game.

All these conjectures and player theorizations illuminate the immense curiosity and eagerness among the Spider-Man 2 community for new developments. As discussions continue about possibilities for future DLCs, only time will reveal what the developers have under the wraps. Riders of this wave of excitement are keen to find out what else Insomniac might introduce into the game world, heightening the anticipation for what's to come.

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