Despite a disastrous start to their new pricing plan, engine maker Unity strives for growth through AI. However, in the near future, job cuts, reduced office space, and changes to product lineups are expected.

Unity Predicts Layoffs After Pricing Plan Debacle

Unity, the renowned engine maker, has recently indicated that they expect job losses in the forthcoming period. This stems from the company's significantly mishandled launch of its new pricing plan earlier this year, coupled with their current shift towards a more "focused" product line that includes items such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), for the purpose of growth.

The company's problematic introduction of its proposed runtime fee back in September is to blame for the situation. This suggested charging developers each time a game was installed by a player, which was overwhelmingly criticized by the developer community. The commotion caused large developers to publicly announce plans to distance themselves from Unity, resulting in a public apology from Unity in which they stated changes were forthcoming.

The planned changes include dropping the fee for developers who use Unity Personal or those who do not upgrade to the latest 2024 model of Pro and Enterprise, effectively exempting older games. It will also allow developers to report their own install numbers, rather than relying on potentially fraudulent "estimated" numbers. Furthermore, the option of paying a fixed revenue share of 2.5% will be introduced.

Jim Whitehurst, Unity’s interim CEO who assumed office after the departure of John Riccitello, stated that these changes had been anticipated to be challenging for their customers, but they instead created additional problems. Whitehurst maintained that the introduction of fees was a crucial step towards making the "Create" aspect of Unity a more sustainable business.

According to their Q3 reports, Unity experienced some downward trends due to slow growth and reduced overall loses, despite expectations being met. The revenue from Create Solutions remained stagnant, even despite an increase in subscription numbers. A decline in revenue from China, due to video game restrictions, further complicated their situation.

Consequently, Unity plans to streamline the company through a series of "interventions". This will likely involve cutting certain product lines, reducing the workforce, and shrinking the physical office footprint, thus enabling the company to be more agile and deliver faster growth.

The refocusing will centralize on Unity's core elements, such as Unity Editor and Runtime, and Monetization Solutions. Furthermore, Unity recognizes AI as a significant opportunity for growth and plans to assess their product portfolio comprehensively with a focus on customer value.

The exact timeframe for these structural changes and potential layoffs remains uncertain as per Whitehurt's statement. However, Unity is actively working on making final decisions over the next few weeks, with the entire transition expected to be in place within six months by the end of the first quarter of 2024. This poses a delicate situation for Unity's workforce who face an imminent upheaval.

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