With the wrap-up of Loki's second season, Marvel changes his official title, as hinted by recent merchandise, reflecting the major role shift of the character.

Loki's New Official Title Revealed Through Merchandise

The much-anticipated Loki season two finale ushered in a fresh stage for our central character. Fans beware, big spoilers ahead! To mirror the massive transformation in Loki’s character, Marvel seems to have modified his formal title, as hinted by recently released merchandise which reveals a different name for Loki.

A newly launched figurine from Funko Pop features Loki from the finale and interestingly it bears the label “God Loki,” - a name that markedly hints at Loki's new status in the Marvel universe. For those who have watched the final episode, they know the trajectory of Loki’s character takes a significant turn. He ascends to a pivotal new role within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) where he is the custodian of the multiverse. Loki, the God of Mischief, now occupies a throne from where he presides over all the separate timelines, his magic serving as the last line of defence.

Even though Loki has been a god, more precisely the God of Mischief, he now seems to have elevated beyond his previous title to evolve into a completely new entity. It's interesting to note that one of Loki's designations within the Marvel comics is the "God of Stories." However, at the moment, while he embodies that role in the MCU in all its essence without the official title, we can expect that change sometime in the future.

Rumours abound as Tom Hiddleston, the actor who brought Loki to life, hinted at bidding adieu to his Marvel character. Commenting on the final episode of season two, Hiddleston stated, "It all comes full circle." He delineated how the finale put a cap to not just the second season but was also a culmination of the sixth season's twelve episodes covering fourteen years of his life. It has been a significant life journey for Hiddleston who was cast into the role at 29 and is now 42.

A hint of melancholy reverberates in his words suggesting a possible end to his MCU journey. However, the multiverse is a universe of infinite possibilities, keeping fans hopeful for his return. As we step softly over the shards of our broken hearts, we remind ourselves that with the multiverse, everything is possible, thus holding out hope that we’ll see our favourite God of Mischief again.

As of now, Loki Season two is now available for streaming on Disney Plus. For those wanting more MCU content, a guide covering all the upcoming Marvel movies and TV shows offers insight into what the future holds for the world's most popular superhero universe. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is teeming with endless adventures, and fans worldwide, though bittersweet about Loki’s current trajectory, are excited to see what's next.

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