Casual arcade game UFO99 is launching a Halloween-themed event featuring new event-specific characters, currency, and a challenging boss.

UFO99 To Roll Out Its Halloween Themed Event Soon

UFO99, the casual arcade shoot'em-up game loved by many, is thrilling its players as it gets ready to roll out a spell-binding Halloween-themed event. The announcement of this event brought a rush of anticipation as players look forward to encountering a new daunting boss, as well as new characters exclusively designed for the event. The game's creators have added another layer of excitement by introducing a unique currency that players can acquire by defeating particular enemies.

For those unfamiliar with UFO99, it's a multiplayer game that draws inspiration from classic arcade games. The objective of the game is to dodge bullet hells while fighting alongside friends amidst a colourful, pixelated art style. The game places a lot of its gameplay emphasis on character collection, giving players the fun task of gathering a wide variety of distinctive characters.

What sets UFO99 apart is its straightforward concept, which it unapologetically presents. The creators managed to transport their players back in time with the game’s distinct resemblance to vintage arcade games famous for their addictive quality —except UFO99, unlike its coin-devouring predecessors, is free to play.

Now, let’s dive into the details of the upcoming Halloween event. First on the list is the addition of the new spooky characters. Although the event’s trailer carefully conceals most of these characters, a glimpse of a cat donned in a wizard hat and ghostly form, a vampire-like creature, and a few others can be caught. These new characters bring a fun, spooky vibe, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of Halloween.

Besides these new characters, special enemies are put in play during the event. Their presence is a boon as they are the source of the new currency - eyeballs. These special enemies can pop up randomly on any level, and players have to target and defeat them to collect the eyeballs. Once collected, the eyeballs can be traded to acquire the new Halloween-themed characters.

Additionally, the event introduces a new boss who can challenge even the seasoned player. This formidable adversary can appear unexpectedly at any level, much like the special enemies. The boss, upon being defeated - a task easier said than done -, rewards the players with Magic Candles. These candles come in handy as they increase the drop rate of the eyeballs, helping players collect the new characters more rapidly.

That's not everything; the victory against this boss unlocks a special character on top of the other rewards. This character comprises an unexpected yet delightful part of the Halloween event.

The UFO99 Halloween Party event is slated to commence on October 20th. The event unlocks an exhilarating world filled with new characters, bosses, and currency that is sure to provide an immersive gaming experience to its players. UFO99 enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Halloween event with its unique features designed to get their heart racing.

The game continues to be available for free, giving gamers a chance to engage in a thrilling chase through their screens, in their quest for the distinctive characters, formidable bosses, and elusive currency. Many await the chance to see these fantastic additions up close when the event finally begins.

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