Webzen reveals major update to its match-3 puzzler, ToyTopia: Match-3. The new content, Treasure Island, promises new maps, rewards, and improved gameplay.

ToyTopia: Match-3 Treasure Island Update Unveiled

Webzen, the computer games developer, has recently announced a major content update for ToyTopia: Match-3, the popular match-3 puzzle game. This exciting update introduces a new map called Treasure Island, along with limited-time rewards, several level upgrades, and enhancements to the in-game tutorial system.

In this Treasure Island event, players will set off on a maritime journey accompanied by their personal pirate captain, Captain Silver. Treasure Island is an expansive territory divided into 15 smaller maps. Upon completing the entire series, players will walk away with a bounty of Gems from the treasure chest and a rare character summoning stone, provided they manage to clear all maps.

Webzen emphasizes "limited-time" when referring to the event, stressing that time is a key factor. The current rewards will only be available until October 15th. But the end of the event does not mean the end of the rewards. Webzen promises more surprises in future rounds. To ensure the freshness of the game, Treasure Island will be frequently updated with new maps and attractive goodies.

For information regarding upcoming maps and rewards, players can visit ToyTopia’s official Facebook page. In addition to new content, the recent update has also improved the overall gameplay. Enhanced tutorial stages, daily login rewards, and several bug fixes are all part of the package.

For anyone curious about the game, Andreea Ghiurca provides a hands-on experience with ToyTopia Match-3. Her review provides a detailed insight into the puzzles, power-ups, and different levels of difficulty within the game.

Currently, ToyTopia: Match-3 is only available in select regions such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, and a few other countries. Android users can download the game from Google Play, with a link provided below. Meanwhile, an iOS version of the game is being developed and is expected to be available soon. So, get ready to set sail on an adventurous journey to the Treasure Island in the world of ToyTopia: Match-3. Be sure to grab your rewards before they're gone!

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