The multiplayer online game, Among Us, is set to drop its first new map in over two years later this month, infusing elements reminiscent of the world of Mario.

Among Us Releases Fungle, a New Mario-Inspired Map

The suspense-filled online multiplayer game, Among Us, is poised to release its first fresh map in over two years. Taking inspiration from the enigmatic world of Mario, the new map, The Fungle, teasingly offers strange beaches and mushroom jungles, adding a delightful twist to the viral game of tasks and traitors.

Represented in this vibrant outpost are venturesome players depicted as treacherous beans, placed on a planet bursting with vibrant mushrooms and captivating beaches detained by elusive hermit crabs and menacing plants. This unusual map unfolds an air of dexterity with a nod to the levels from the much-beloved Mario series. However, the question of how long the chirpy plumber would survive in a land laden with potential assassins lingers.

Adding to its charm and surging mystery, mushrooms on this unique map explode a cloud of purple spores as players pass over them. What this distinct interaction implies for gameplay remains uncertain, offering an enticing line of curiosity.

Deadly looking plants that engulf the player upon standing on them, implies similar functions as the ship’s vents in preceding versions, potentially facilitating impostors to traverse throughout the map. This introduces an extra layer of excitement and apprehension to an already suspenseful game.

Away from the flora and fauna, The Fungle presents additional new tasks for the participants to undertake. The released trailer showcases what appears to be a player assembling sushi-style delicacies in a kitchen, and a first-person perspective of a bean-shaped marshmallow sliding into a campfire. These tasks add another dimension of play, further engaging the players.

Meanwhile, the gameplay also includes supplementary ways to subvert the group's efforts to reestablish communication and to rescue themselves off the island. This new edition presents more hazards that can prove fatal to the characters, thus increasing the thrill of the gameplay.

Incorporating Fungi-inspired hats for VR players, ejection animations, castaway-inspired visuals, and a call for emergency meetings by blowing into a conch shell adds a humorous yet thematic touch to the game.

Innersloth, the company behind Among Us, announced this update as the most monumental community addition since the introduction of the last map, The Airship, which was introduced over two years ago. The Fungle will touch down in Among Us at 10 am PT on October 24th and will be available for free for all the players.

This introduction follows an actively productive year for the exceedingly popular multiplayer game. With a planned animated series in the works and contemplation over moving away from Unity due to the engine maker's recent controversial incident. However, whether the shift from Unity will take place given the subsequent changes after widespread dissent remains unanswered.

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