Sony's newly announced PS5 Slim sparks hilarious Internet theorizing about the original PS5 now being referred to as the PS5 Thicc, reinforcing the tradition for plumper PlayStation consoles.

PlayStation 5 - From Thicc to Slim

Looks like Sony has flipped the script on us yet again. Brace yourselves, people! Sony has finally made the announcement we've all been tap-dancing around - our dear friend, the PlayStation 5, has been hitting the gym and shedding some pounds, thus introducing the PS5 Slim. And if it's lost some weight, what food nickname does it leave its more generously sized sibling, the day-one PS5? Turns out, the netizens have some answers, and the most amusing of these has to be - drumroll please - the PS5 Thicc!

The console-using community on the PS5 subreddit was quick to jump on this whim of wit. Humour juice flowed aplenty as one quipped, “The existence of a PS5 Slim implies that I now own a PS5 THICC.” Follow-ups saw others throwing their lot in with this creative title. I mean, why not? It's playful, it's hip, and it speaks to the rather robust "body positivity" of the original PS5. Here's to you, PS5 Thicc!

And, if you think about it, the PS5 Thicc is just following in the footsteps of big brother PS3 and his mighty ancestors all the way back to the good old PS1. As one PlayStation historian has pointed out, size meant style in those days, with the PS2 being particularly noted.

And this comparison isn't just banter-filled baloney. Honestly, there is an unspoken charm to the beefier console. It's stylish, different, and as if it's popped out straight from a 2004 sci-fi movie runway. Plus, it potentially doubles as a doorstop! And that's not all. The virtual noodle-scratcher here is, if we have a PS5 Slim and a PS5 Thicc, do we also have a PS5 Slimthicc in our future? Sony, we need answers!

However, while we muse over these hilarious questions, the PS5 Slim is fashionably set to walk the green carpet in the US somewhere in November. As always, global rollouts will occur over the following months. You can find more details about this razor-sharp console here.

So, as we deck the halls for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and other gaming red-carpet stars, get ready to meet your new handsome gaming companion, the PS5 Slim. Meanwhile, let's raise a toast to our beloved PS5 Thicc, for standing tall (and round) in all its glory.

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