Rockstar games attempts to appease the spirits of Red Dead Online players by using an ancient, yet futile ritual: Copy-pasting the previous year's Halloween pass, which is also a copy-paste of the year before that. Heads up for a three-peat, folks.

Red Dead Online Makes Halloween Déjà vu

As chills creep down our spines and the aroma of pumpkin spice clouds the air, it's clear Halloween is upon us! Many turn to their favorite online games to catch seasonal spooks, hoping to find fresh terror and fascinating novelties. And what treat does Red Dead Online deliver? None, it's more of a trick. The Halloween Pass 2, a spook-tacular content pack which has been haunting players two Halloween seasons prior have been rolled out again this year. It appears Rockstar’s motto this year is, 'Why mess with tradition even if it annoys long-standing players?'

'Tis the season to be scary, and for Red Dead players, it's an outbreak of Fright Groundhog Day. The same terrorizing masks, blood-drenched costumes and hair-raising accessories of Halloweens past have been exhumed, leaving players moaning like the undead. Such a harrowing sight to see. The three-peat of Halloween Pass 2 takes players again through familiar 15 ranks of macabre riches, which are available for foreshadowed terror unto November 6th.

Online forums such as ResetEra and the Red Dead subreddit are filled with the lamentations of dismayed spirits—I mean players! Clearly bored of their werewolf wear and vampire vests, one player on ResetEra bemoans the repetitiveness, saying, "It's beyond a joke. They might as well have done nothing." Another player on Reddit mourns the lack of a switch from Halloween Pass 2. Evidently, a coffin full of the identical bounty isn't a particularly exciting treat.

Meanwhile, one artistic fan used their sorcery to transmute disappointment into a compelling image. The pic a day more paints a dejected tale worth a thousand words. Halloween also welcomes back Fear of the Dark and Dead of Night run unchanging until November 6th. Decent looty deploy but it still whiffs the smell of moldy cloves.

Redemption might yet be sought from Rockstar. Accrue some dark XP from these enduring events or simply set foot in Red Dead Online this month, and you'll inherit a couple of fashion items; the Black and Red Cavalier Hat and Red Hunter Jacket. You can interrogate the web of official Rockstar rituals for the full lowdown on the sacred offerings this Halloween.

Now, for our final chiller, a tale of a fan who role-plays Albert Einstein within the spiraling vortex of Red Dead Online. Clearly, it is relativity that's terrifying, not reused Halloween content!

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