Harvest Moon series finally redeems itself with ‘The Winds of Anthos,’ catching fans off-guard with the introduction of the most adorable addition yet - a pettable, rideable velociraptor.

Farming JRPG Resurrected with Dinosaur-licious Upgrade

Ladies and gentlemen, straight from the land of pixels and role-play, a dinosaur-owning farmer's dream is coming true - and no, it's not a Jurassic Park spinoff. It's Harvest Moon as you've never seen it before. Hold onto your hay bales, folks because this tale is not like any other.

For a while, Harvest Moon, the famed farming RPG series that kindled the flame for the likes of Stardew Valley, was planting seeds of disappointment among enthusiasts. A decade-long dry spell had these pixelated pastures looking downright dreary, but now, it's raining good news. The latest entry known as 'The Winds of Anthos' promises to sow some golden harvest.

Here's a quick history lesson: the series, starting with the SNES Harvest Moon, can be thanked for the now-popular genre of farming RPGs. It was the sunlight that sprouted many games bearing strong resemblance, especially the indie sensation - Stardew Valley. Marvelous, the original Japanese developers, severed ties with the western publishers, Natsume in that fateful 2015. The erstwhile Harvest Moon continued its journey as the Story of Seasons, while Natsume clung onto the ancient moniker creating games that were... let's just say, not up to snuff.

However, Anthos is pulling a Lazarus act, rising from the ashes of failure. It's already received more nods of approval from reviewers than there have been Harvest Moons in the past decade. Some critics are even going on record to say it's likely the best iteration since the separation saga. It's the new digital darling in a farmyard of weak releases.

What sets Anthos apart is its exotic new flair. It's not just about raising chickens and cows anymore, oh no. Natsume's given us a game reserve in our backyard with wolves and Bengal tigers. But the crown jewel, the dinosaur-sized cherry on top? A pettable, rideable velociraptor. Seems like virtual animal ethics is a melody we're all willing to dance to, because who can resist such delightful dino interactions?

The raptor helps Anthos reinvent itself while staying true to the farming RPG genre. It might not be a seismic change, but it's enough to awaken this dormant franchise. In my opinion, the pet and rideable raptor feature gambit alone is enough to claim the title of 'perfect farming game.'

The fertile fields of RPGs are brimming with choices, but while we're all anxiously awaiting the release of Stardew Valley 1.6, why not pass the time in the company of an endearing velociraptor? The Winds of Anthos is sowing seeds of promise and we're all eager to see what harvest it will bring.

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