The divine meets the diabolical in Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross's most riotous update, introducing Ragnarok goddess Queen Hel and a shedload of delectable new perks.

Biggest Partier When the Worlds Collide: Queen Hel

Hold onto your Viking hats folks, because The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross has pulled out the big guns, adding one hella powerful hero to their cavalcade of charming and churlish characters! It's not often the end of the world feels like a kick-ass house party, but Netmarble’s latest update says, 'Hold my elixir!'

The queen of the night herself, [Shepard of Souls] Queen Hel, has flounced into the fray, feathered hat in hand, and boy, does this badass lady know how to make an entrance! Blasting into the Ragnarok Festival like a banshee on steroids, Queen Hel is not only a playable character now but vanity and curiosity are her game, whether you like to admit it or not.

If, like an overzealous child at a Christmas lucky dip, you have been hoarding mileage points with frenzied fervor, then get ready for this juicy gossip. You now have a chance to bag our new Hero Hel in the Godlike Ragnarok Draw, with guaranteed SSR heroes for every 300 and 600 miles. So, pull that lever, cross those fingers and hope today's your lucky day!

No party is complete without an extravagant scavenger hunt, and this update has precisely that. The new Ragnarok Chapter 7 teases the Queen of Helheim Artifact Card, a tantalizing prize for anyone who successfully pulls through the chapter. It's like the golden snitch of Helheim, and we all know the glory that comes with nabbing it!

Never fearing to double-dip in relishing inconceivable rewards, the game generously offers five missions — like mini-rounds of party games — that drop happy shower of 30 Diamonds, 10 Ragnarok Godlike Festival Pick Up Tickets, growth materials and more. A whole cake slice of in-game goodies is just waiting to be put in your party bag.

Hey, party animals! Feast your eyes on the Wish Draw currency falling like confetti from boss battles and the churning roulette event. Toss and turn with joy as you receive up to 20 Diamonds upon completing the Ragnarok chapter's headline stage. And just when you thought the party couldn’t get more festive, we'll add a cherry-on-top with the Grand Cross Festival Check-in Event, dropping a whopping 150 Diamonds to anyone who logs into the game for 28 days!

Feeling the FOMO already? Well, grab your phone and slide over to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store and download The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. It's free-to-play with in-app purchases, so you can hop in and join the party without burning a hole in your pocket. You may also join the community on their Facebook page, keep up with updates on their official website, and view the sneak peek clips to get into the party mood.

The ‘Shepard of Souls' Queen Hel is here ladies and gentlemen! It's time to descend into the chaotic, quirky, and completely crazy world of Grand Cross. Let the Ragnarok Lessons begin!

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