Marvel's favorite superheroes get a sentient new base in the world above, while adding to their round table of heroes. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

The Avengers Get Squatter Rights on a Floating City Base

In a twist only comic book fans could love, the Avengers pulled off a real estate coup that would make any fanboy or gal green with the Hulk's envy. This gaggle of larger-than-life heroes has gone and got themselves a brand spanking new dig that’s also... sentient? Be still my heart!

In Avengers #6, our favorite spandex-clad team is facing one of them obligatory end-of-the-world scenarios against the Ashen Combine. And in a routine act of superheroic awesomeness, they pull off some razzle-dazzle moves to win the day. Because that’s what superheroes do, don’t ya know darling?

To defeat this malevolent gang, each Avenger flexes their unique skills, or lack thereof, in a bout of glorified one-upmanship. Thor, who is all about runic runes and stormy tantrums, knocks out Idol Alabaster’s followers with a move that leaves the idol powerless. Iron Man mano-a-Manos Citysmith thanks to his stealth armor, and Captain Marvel gives Lord Ennui a cosmic energy overload. Not ones to be left out, Vision tricks Meridian Diadem into absorbing dormant Ultron code and Scarlet Witch plays her reality-warping card to extradite The Dead to the frosty climes of Antarctica.

Upon defeating the Ashen Combine, the Avengers hatch an ingenious plan - kind of a two-for-one special. Captain America and Black Panther activate the sentient ashtray, oh pardon, Ashen Combine's sentient headquarters, Impossible City - and proceed to, drum roll here, FREE it! (Nobody saw that coming, right?)

Now, here's where it gets juicy - that nefarious group of Ashen Combine villains? They were prisoners of Impossible City all along. The plot thickens like Aunt May’s world-famous gumbo, as the Avengers decide to make camp right there in the sky-high city, complete with a sentient sidekick if you will.

With its floating locale (cloud cleaning service not included) and the small fact that it’s sentient (can it make coffee, though?), Impossible City is remarkably similar to the Justice League Satellite HQ. It’s the superhero version of upcycling, sweetie. Turning one headquarters defeat into a future feather in the ol’ superhero cap. Swanky.

And in the most riveting cliffhanger since the last one, we're left breathlessly to guess about the identity of the mystery hero team that initially decked the Ashen Combine's halls. A little birdie tells me it might be a future generation of the Avengers... or possibly the interns filing all the superhero paperwork, who knows?

So, buckle up, superhero aficionados, and check in with Avengers #7 this November. Spoiler alert- it's going to be just as nuts. And if you can't wait that long, dive headfirst into the best Avengers page turners of all time. Watch your step though - remember, gravity's a harsh mistress!

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