Dead Island 2's new expansion, "Haus," promises players a whole new level of fun and madness facing a techno-death cult in a Malibu villa while exterminating zombies.

Malibu Madness with Zombies in Dead Island 2 Update

Move aside Kardashians, there's a new kind of madness happening in Malibu. The 'Real Housewives of Dead Island 2' are about to face a techno-death cult in the upcoming story expansion, creatively christened "Haus." Sounds like a trendy LA night club, isn't it? But wait until you meet its overly-enthusiastic leader, Konstantin, who holds the strange belief that rehabilitating society post-zombie apocalypse begins with techno-death parties. Raving with zombies, quite a novel idea!

In what sounds like the most confusing episode of MTV Cribs, this hootenanny unfolds in a plush Malibu villa. It is described as a "deranged labyrinth of biomes," where conventional architectural norms take a backseat to growing narrative spaces. Simply put, it means it's one helluva confusing catacomb filled with zombies and a host who has clearly taken the zombie apocalypse a bit too literally. Let's hope Navigation isn't an additional survival skill required.

Adding to this mayhem, the expansion includes eight new cards and some shiny-and-slightly-bloody tools (err, weapons) to help you navigate this crazy party. Look out for the long-ranged K-Rossbow and the Hog Roaster, which belches out flames hot enough to barbecue every brain-munching dead-head making a beeline for your jugular.

The creator of this gargantuan madhouse, Dambuster Studios, hasn't released a trailer for the expansion, but they've sprinkled some intriguing screenshots to stir the pot of curiosity. And, of course, to make you question every party invitation you receive in the near future.

So, gear up 'Survivor Moms and Dads,' because this wild ride through techno-death cults, deranged architecture, and zombies looking to wolf down your grey matter, begins on November 2. Don't forget to check out our game review for some survivor tips and look for a deep dive on Yager Interactive's abandoned version of Dead Island 2.

So, who's ready to take a detour down the Sunset Boulevard, trade their beach shorts for protective armor, and enjoy the biggest, craziest party the zombie apocalypse has to offer? Just another day in paradise, folks! Or rather, another day in Dead Island 2's mad, mad world. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride! The party is about to go Haus...we mean...nuts!

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