The creators of This War of Mine introduce their new brain-child: The Alters, an intriguing sci-fi survival saga.

11 Bit Studios Tickles With New Sci-Fi Teaser

It appears 11 Bit Studios, the clever bunch behind the gripping titles like This War of Mine, Frostpunk, and Children of Morta, cooked up a fresh, out of this world steaming hot surprise for us all last year - 'The Alters'. In this thrilling space opera, the player's assigned the role of a spaceman with a knack for attracting trouble. After his interstellar joyride takes an unfortunate U-turn, he now has to count on the only dependable being in sight - himself. Wait, make that several versions of himself. Talk about indulging in some hefty self-dependence!

Today, the studio decided to switch on the landing lights in the fog and threw out a whimsical trailer, laying bare the barebones of The Alters' gameplay. If you were ever curious what SimCity would look like on Mars, look no further! It's a cocktail of third-person, base-building and survival, seasoned with an ample sprinkling of self-clones. The Alters is rooted in the idea of making gut-wrenching choices to unravel the multiple narratives spun around our protagonist, Jan.

Jan, after an unscheduled crash-landing on the hospitality-challenged planet, has to oppose the scorching hugs of the local sun while extracting magic from the native Rapidium crystals. The outcome? Disco light versions of himself, the Alters!

The Alters, however, are not just mere extra lives or worker drones. They're thinking, feeling, and even doubting entities, grappling with their own unique dilemmas, dreams and dare we say, existential angst. One could argue they stand as a testament to humanity’s struggle with identity, individuality, and purpose. Or maybe they are just the result of a lonely astronaut with too much time on his hands. Once again, Jan talks about taking 'self-reliance' to a whole new level.

The Alters, in their infinite diversity and skillsets, become vital for Jan's survival. They cook, create, gather, and repair anything and everything around the moving base. All while giving each other pep talks, or in Jan's case - self-talks, about persevering and escaping the sun-kissed nightmare of a planet.

But don’t throw a welcome party for The Alters just yet. They won't be gracing your gaming consoles or PCs until sometime in 2024. So for now, hold your space beers and engage with the game's reveal trailer. In the meantime, why not explore the enthralling universe of 11 Bit Studios' previous offerings: This War of Mine, Frostpunk, and Children of Morta?

Whether The Alters will have you chuckling at Jan's misadventures or pondering about larger existential questions, only time (or a time machine) will tell. One thing's for sure; this galaxy of wit and survival is worth the wait.

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