The Call of Duty livestream just delivered the juiciest details on the much-anticipated Modern Warfare III - from zombies to a whopping 150 health base!

Cod's Biggest Fish Yet: Modern Warfare III Details Revealed

So, Call of Duty (COD) had their livestream and let's just say, my jaw dropped faster than my rank after rearranging my offline life around Death Matches. The topic of the day? The imminent arrival of Modern Warfare III, another apple from the COD tree that we're all trying to curb our salivation for. If you didn't dedicate hours of your precious life to watch the event or you simply want a recap to make your fanboy chats all the more impressive, pull up a chair, get comfortable, and let me regale you with the literal virtual war tales from today's COD showcase.

Now, the multiplayer feature, the tenant that revolted against the reign of Fortnite sovereigns, is back with more bells, more whistles, and a handsome collection of sixteen maps from the former golden child, Modern Warfare II. Why fight in a playground when you can conquer more expansive grounds? This time around, your hands aren't just meant for club sandwiches - they can adjust reload speed, scavenge items, and equip gear to protect you from petty things like explosions or those terribly annoying flash grenades.

But wait, there's more! Map voting, the red-dot minimap, and a health boost of up to 150 are all back in the game, which means you'll live longer and have access to more information than ever before. Imagine, waking up one day and suddenly you have battle-seasoned hands and an extra lung to boot. There's even this nifty new way to shoot called Tac-Stance that's a perfect middle finger to ADS. And for those who only stop sliding when they win (or when they need a BIOS update), rejoice! They've added groovy new animations for canceling slides and reloads!

If adrenaline is your life-force, prepare to meet your new favorite - 'Cutthroat.' This tight and tense mode sees three teams of three going all out, UFC-cage match style, each vying to claim the virtual throne.

Then comes the main course of this buffet that has all COD enthusiasts drooling - zombies. Not the slow, droning type prevalent in most games. Nope, these undead folks deserve a whole map to themselves, and as much as I'd love to be horridly terrified, the prospect of gaining blueprints and weapons to increase future survival sounds like an enticingly morbid treasure hunt. If you manage to outlive the apocalyptic torment long enough, you might even discover the truth behind 'Operation Deadbolt.'

As if all this wasn't enough, Warzone now introduces its latest addition, 'Urzikstan.' With a schedule to launch in December, this fusion of Middle Eastern and Eastern European topography offers 11 points of interest, gas masks, and more passive-aggressive perks than your grandma's jewelry chest. Plus, the whole movement system got a much-needed overhaul, now more streamlined and snappy than ever.

If you're still in this verbal marathon and your binge-able energy is running low, I advise you to check out the complete details on the official Call of Duty blog page to get your fix. For those wary of commitment and wishing to dip their toes first, the open beta will be available this weekend on PlayStation and the following weekend for Xbox and PC.

Buckle up, gamers. Modern Warfare III is headed our way faster than you can say 'kill streak.' So, are you ready to answer this call of duty?#

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