"Tears of Themis" is transporting us to a romantic city full of mystery with its cool event, the "Mystery of Bakerlon". Pack your bags for a fun adventure!

Love on Rails: Tears of Themis' Exciting New Event Revealed

Picture this: In a world of romance and mystery, Tears of Themis, Hoyoverse's romance detective game, has been brewing some captivating twists and turns that could give Alfred Hitchcock a run for his money. Welcome to the "Mystery of Bakerlon" event, where truth and deception play a twisted game of chess, each move meticulously thought out and laden with significance. With numerous secrets to unearth and rewards to pocket, we're boarding a one-way train to intrigue-ville!

Our luxe journey to a new romantic, vintage-esque city cloaked in fog is brought to you by the power-duo: Mobius and the Kahn family. Now, those of you with keen attention, yes, you guessed it right, it's not just any ordinary train ride. It's a grand embarkation ceremony attended by the NXX group and a horde of erudite merchants.

Raring up to steal the spotlight, our four male leads are all set to turn tables and tickle your romantic bones, offering a higher drop rate for SSR cards (translate: super-duper rewards). Looking for some extra treats? Make sure to check October's Tears of Themis' generous redeem codes.

But, as the clock ticks and the carriage rides deeper into the night, a sinister shadow and eerie wailing sounds emerge from the darkness, reminding us that every rose has its thorns. Hidden beneath the veneer of a century-old train are concealed secrets waiting to be uncovered. Dun, dun, dun!

Kicking off on October 10th, this thrilling event will dish out its main plot in mouthwatering, bite-sized parts. Those who choose to partake in the hoopla are all set to rake in limited Badges, R-Cards, and a treasure trove of other rewards. Plus, event-specific goodies like Bakerlon Crystals and Commemorative Etiquette Tickets can be swapped for the exclusive Endless Train invitation. Not just that, completing extra Leisurely Trip tasks will get you more treats.

Ready to embark on this love-riddled mystery? Download Tears of Themis using your preferred link. This titillating, free-to-play game with in-app purchases can be enjoyed on several platforms. Staying updated on all the latest developments is as easy as pie with the official website and the buzzing Twitter community. So, what are you waiting for? Start your exciting journey now!

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