COD: Warzone Mobile reveals tantalising new details at Activision's Call of Duty: NEXT event. If you're not among the 45 million who've pre-registered, you're missing out on all the action!

Call of Duty Mobile Warzone: 45M Pre-Registrations and Counting!

While us mere mortals while away our time with frivolous activities like eating and sleeping, Activision recently held their Call of Duty: NEXT event. This is their version of the Oscars, but for upcoming games like 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III' and 'Modern Warfare Zombies.' The real showstopper, though, was their smartphone-targeted Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, which is currently in the green room and expected to make its grand entrance next year.

It seems like gamers all around the globe are downing their console controls and reaching for their mobiles in anticipation, as the game has garnered a jaw-dropping 45 million pre-registrations. Just two weeks into pre-registration, it’s like a virtual queue stretching around the globe. Twice.

Clearly delighted with the response, Activision decided to reward their army of virtual soldiers with some useful intel. In addition to Verdansk, players can look forward to battling it out on Rebirth Island on launch day.

Yeah, you heard it right, Rebirth Island is making a comeback! A fan favourite, it's been given a swanky facelift specifically for Warzone Mobile. Expect an exhilarating blend of the best features from the Battle Royale and Multiplayer modes. It's sure to get your adrenaline pumping, so if you haven’t pre-registered, now would be a good time!

COD: Warzone Mobile is christening its proverbial champagne bottle in limited regions for now, as early guinea pigs...err, players get their hands dirty testing the game. This includes testing new features, like cross-progression and a shared battle pass.

There’s also the ability to participate in 120-player matches in Verdansk, for those who enjoy their warfare as a large gathering. Activision Shanghai Studio, Beenox, Digital Legends, and Solid State Studios are all huddled together, dissecting player feedback like a war strategy to ensure only the best user experience sails through to the final release.

As we speak, their focussed efforts are directed towards downsizing the notoriously large install size of COD games, polishing customisation options, and weaving in the multiplayer mode in fan-loved maps like Shipment and Shoot House.

So, mark your calendars, folks! The much-awaited Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is set to launch in Spring 2024. If you haven't already pre-registered, head to the Call of Duty website to secure your place in the front line. You definitely don't want to be the last one getting to the party!

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