HoYoverse revs the romance with online and offline events for Tears of Themis, escalating the love game to a global scale with the game's four dreamy male leads.

HoYoverse Throws a Global Tears of Themis Party

Unending engagements, mysterious trails, enticing teases, and four very handsome men. This may sound like the script for an edgy reality TV show, but it's just another day on Misthalin Island, the love capital of the gaming world. Get ready to turn up the heat with Tears of Themis from HoYoverse. October is about to get steamy, filled with love-fuelled adventures, both online and offline, all around our spinning blue marble.

No need to book flights as the wild joy-ride of romance begins in the quaint city of London, where we tea-lovers live it up. But don't be surprised when your handsome NXX virtual speedsters take you on virtual whirlwinds across Tokyo, Seoul, and beyond. Keep your detective hats on (preferably stylishly tilted), as you decode cryptic Morse code messages to reveal tantalising clues.

Discover clues, chase breadcrumb trails, and get ready for a grand reward. The fun part? If you snap a pic on this love quest and share it on social media, there are exclusive gifts waiting to be claimed. Be sure to use the magic charm #NXXJourneyOfRomance to call forth that reward. The clock's ticking – this globe-trotting love-quest is from 16:00 to 20:00 (London local time) till October 16th. Get on the love train quickly, as the fabulous giveaways are quite the hot commodities.

If you can't make it to London to chill with the Queen's favorite guards, fear not! A pic of your favourite NXX hunk against the backdrop of your local scenery could snag you some sweet Tears of Themis merch.

The game's future updates promise an unpredictable mix of emotions, thrilling encounters, romance and caffeine overloads. And guess what? It’s free-to-play, though you can splurge on in-app purchases to amp up the drama. The game is available for both Android and iOS. For the latest scoop on updates or if your heart desires more, pop over to the official website or follow them on Twitter. Get a taste of the new update with a sneak peek in the video above.

So, don your doublet or dancing shoes and get ready to fall in love all over again. Love is a journey and who better to journey with than these chivalrous, romantic and dare I say, devastatingly attractive NXX gents. Go on, give downloading Tears of Themis a whirl. Happy love-trailing!

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