BAFTA-winning game studio ustwo games rolls out popular narrative puzzler Assemble With Care on Android and intros free-to-start option on iOS, promising heart-tugging storylines and funky visuals to delight fans.

Assemble With Care Crashes Android Party, Ditches Apple Exclusivity

Android users, let's slip on those party hats and toss up the confetti! BAFTA award-winning studio ustwo games has decided to grace your digital neighborhood with Assemble With Care, a gem of a game that's been hogging the Apple Arcade limelight since its 2019 release. As a cherry on top, the flabbergasting game is also now free-to-start on iOS—sorry, no Apple Arcade subscription required!

Assemble With Care is your ticket to a universe humbly colorful, intensely mobile, and enthusiastically puzzle-ish. This game isn't just another pretty face in the App Store. No sirree! It's all thanks to the clever minds pulling the strings behind Monument Valley, another title from the studio that's stupendously successful.

In Assemble With Care, you'll find yourself in the shoes of Maria—an antique restorer with a globe-trotting obsession to put things right. Once she lands in Bellariva's cozy corners, she finds herself fixing not only old tchotchkes but the lives of the townsfolk, their loved possessions, and their backstories. If you're the kind of gamer for whom a good narrative is like gorging on a delectable sundae, then you'll want to sink your spoons into this one.

Jamie Wotton, your friendly neighborhood Marketing Manager at ustwo games, takes equal delight with the Android launch. "Players have been begging us to bring Assemble on Android, and we're over the moon to say that the stars have aligned. Our mission to extend our love to Maria's story has been a long one, but it had to be just right. With the free-to-start edition, we hope everyone will enjoy the game and fall head over heels with the quirky characters of Bellariva as we have."

So, to all the eager beavers out there ready to get your fingers on Assemble With Care, you can do so by marching towards iOS App Store or Google Play Store for your Android gadget. It's time to experience a free-to-play game filled to the brim with in-app purchases that promise all kinds of fun.

For further digging, you can pay the official website a visit, join the bandwagon of followers on the official Twitter page to keep up with what's hot or just sneak a peek at the video clip above and catch a whiff of the exciting updates. Happy downloading, gamers! Assemble With Care is now on your playground!

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