A bite of the virtual football pie! Savor every American football game available on Switch; the good, the bad, and the pretty much amusing.

The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious: All American Football Games on Nintendo Switch

March Madness has nothing on this! We have dribbled our way to gather every American football video game available on Nintendo Switch, leaving no child behind – literally. If you're American or an alien from Mars (still counts), chances are you're a fanatic of the land's legendary sport, and in that case, this is for you.

So, gather your virtual helmets and embrace the oddly dodged balls because it's Super Bowl time (insert overexcited fan yelling)! For your amusing convenience, we shall journey into the Nintendo world of virtual football – the pleasingly good, the comfortably bad, and the tickle-your-funny-bone strange.

But why only six games, you ask? Well, as we journeyed down memory lane into nostalgia-filled Thanksgiving 2021, all we found in the Switch eShop was, well, six games. But fear not, since then, new star players have enlisted in the gridiron.

First up is "Retro Bowl", a throwback to a simpler time, giving you control of an epic sports trifecta. Behold, as you juggle between being the general manager, head coach, and your team's leading quarterback. But wait, there's more. Your responsibilities also include scouting players, negotiating contracts, and making peace in the locker room. It's the video game equivalent of spinning plates while riding unicycles!

Next on this wild ride is "Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition". Picture the Walking Dead mixed with American football – 'nuff said! Released back in 2018, it didn't exactly score a touchdown with critics, but still promises an update with new undead content free of charge. Well, let's hope no zombies are included in that deal.

If you've ever dreamed of playing as the comic relief in a football game, well, winning the lottery might be easier, but until then, we have the comedic equivalent in "Football Heroes Turbo". Boasting a comedy-infused gameplay style, this one's like the "Airplane!" of American football video games where bone-crushing tackles and power-punches can be as humorous as an inflatable autopilot.

Let's now welcome "Arcade Archives Tecmo Bowl" to the list, which isn’t just any game, but a slice of history garnished with a whole lot of nostalgia – like grannies' old-school cookies. For those who appreciate the charm of older times or simply want to see the grandpa version of modern football games, this one's for you.

Another contestant strutting down the nostalgia red carpet is "Arcade Archives 10-Yard Fight", a true monument in video game history and a courageous effort by Irem. Yes, it's got no razzle-dazzle or depth, but it's a vintage bottle of virtual American football wine for the gourmands out there.

Lastly, we have "Wild Card Football" - an innovative take on the sport, offering an offline Season mode. But here's the kicker. Its 'Dream Squad' mode gives you a chance to create your own fantasy roster and take it online for the world to see!

So, there you have it, folks! We've tackled the very best, mildly embarrassing, and downright goofy football games the land of Nintendo Switch has to offer. Whether you are an armchair quarterback or a football trivia guru, one of these games is bound to score a touchdown with you.

Now, get your game face on, warm up your Switch, and get ready to experience the gridiron in various shades of absurdity. Make sure to let us know your favorite game or if you find a hidden gem that we missed in this round-up. May the odds be ever in your favor ... or at least may they bring you a bunch of laughs!

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