In a surprising turn of events, a speedrunner, utilizing a game exploit, breaks the world record for the Nintendo's latest game, Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Speedrunner Shatters Super Mario Bros. Wonder Record

Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the latest beloved installation from Nintendo, was released just a month ago. Unsurprisingly, speedrunners have been quick to leave their mark on the game. Speedrunning is a unique aspect of gaming culture where players aim to complete a game in the fastest possible time, often utilizing in-game exploits to achieve astonishingly quick completion times. One such exploit recently surfaced in the realm of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, causing quite the stirring among the gaming community.

Prominent speedrunner, Jhay, caught everyone's attention when he shattered the standing world record, completing the game in an impressive one hour and 34 minutes. This significant milestone was achieved thanks to a newly discovered in-game exploit. This exploit allows players to skip an entire castle level, fortuitously avoiding the need to finish the level entirely.

The groundbreaking exploit was shared within the gaming community in October by another speedrunner known as Burgerandfreys. By harnessing the two-player mode in conjunction with some clever manipulation of the character select menu and judicious button mashing, a character can circumvent an entire castle. This is achieved by exploiting the game camera on the world map, which, when manipulated correctly, tricks the game into assuming the castle has been completed.

The currently known limit of this exploit appears to be the first three worlds. But taking the spirit of speedrunning to heart, the gaming community is actively experimenting to see the maximum extent this exploit can be used. The discovery of this exploit has seen the previous world record of over two hours 20 minutes toppled thrice already.

As of now, Jhay continues to refine his speed-running strategy, eager to shave off more minutes from his current record. Given the gaming community's zealous investigation into this and other exploits in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, it wouldn't be surprising if we saw yet another radically speedy run in the near future. Alternatively, Nintendo could make a move to patch these exploits, influencing the course of future speedruns.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has undoubtedly captured the hearts of gamers worldwide, proving to be a best-seller since its debut. Sam Loveridge, the global editor-in-chief at GamesRadar+, praised the game by saying: "Super Mario Bros. Wonder is an excellent 2D Mario game with easily the most impressive world-building we've seen in this style."

For more insights and revelations concerning Super Mario Bros. Wonder, tune into recent coverage focusing on developer details shared by Nintendo. This includes exciting insights into over 2000 ideas that went into creating the game, along with a sneak peek into a very Dark Souls-inspired co-op feature.

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