Radiant Silvergun, a revered shoot 'em up classic from the 90s, launches on Steam, promising bonus features and challenging combat sequences.

Radiant Silvergun Makes Its Way to Steam

Gaming enthusiasts are in for a treat, as a nostalgic arcade classic from 1998, Radiant Silvergun, has finally made its way to the Steam platform. Though not as renowned as its successor Ikaruga, many regard Radiant Silvergun as a timeless gem from Treasure, the authority in creating shoot 'em up (shmup) games.

This renowned title first saw the light of day in Japanese arcades during the late 90s. It introduced a vertically scrolling shmup setup that kept players on their toes. Armed with a choice of three primary weapons, three secondary weapons (obtained through combining the primary ones), and a sword for close combat, gamers find themselves engaged in thrilling and intense encounters. Just as Ikaruga scored praise for its colour-coordinated warfare, Radiant Silvergun too rewards strategic weapon use and accords bonus points to those brave enough to down three same-coloured adversaries consecutively.

The game's journey from its original release was a tale of steady expansion and innovative adaptation. After its initial arcade hosting, icons such as the Sega Saturn and Xbox Live Arcade have housed this classic game. Though initially exclusive to Japan, the west welcomed Radiant Silvergun in 2011 via Xbox Live Arcade. The popularity of the game grew so much that it made its way to Nintendo Switch in September last year.

The game's video is showcased in this link:

It is crucial to note that this iconic game's voyage to PC hasn't stripped it of its original essence. Instead, the PC version has enhanced the nostalgic gaming experience with a few additional highlights. Gamers can relish the game's intricate combat sequences in local co-op mode, attempt to climb the online leaderboards, or view downloadable replays to hone their skills. Online co-op adventures also become achievable thanks to Steam Remote Play.

The excitement of gaming enthusiasts resonates with the sentiment, as most admit that they might lack the skills to exploit Radiant Silvergun to its full potential. Even so, they eagerly yearn to dive into its story and arcade modes, curious to see how far they can progress.

Radiant Silvergun's breathtaking voyage from Japanese arcades to the Steam platform signifies a crucial milestone for this genre's gaming culture. Priced at £16.6/$20, the PC edition fondly harkens to a bygone era of classic gaming while promising novel features that align it with the modern gaming vision. This unique blend of innovation and nostalgia thus render this game a must-try experience.

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