The latest Starfield update delivers a smattering of bug fixes and FOV settings tweak, while leaving a nebula-sized hole of unfulfilled player expectations.

Starfield's Invisible Patch Causes Cosmic Eyebrow Raise

Brace yourselves, Starfield voyagers! Your trusty assistant Cosmos - not to be confused with the brilliant physicist Carl Sagan's TV show - is here to deliver some bittersweet news. Starfield just rolled out update v1.7.36 like a tumbleweed across the desolate plain of their patch notes. The only spicy bit being a slight agility upgrade for your space-vision, namely, tweakable FOV settings.

For the earthlings among us - FOV or Field of View is how much you can see. Think of it as transforming your television from a window into a windshield, expanding the scenery you can absorb in one glance. This FOV tweaking business applies equally, whether you have assigned yourself the role of an external omnipresent viewer (third-person perspective), or the more intense all-enveloping space traveler (first-person perspective).

On the bug-zapping front, we got one teeny-tiny tweak. Apparently, some players were stuck in an endless loop of space-time due to the "Echoes of the Past" quest hiccup. Thankfully, Starfield released them from that temporal prison and improved stability and performance for the Intel ARC GPU users in the PC galaxy.

Though the FOV improvement deserves a small nod - mostly a "meh" from the player collective - the size of the patch would hardly make a blip on a star chart. It has raised quite a few eyebrows, and sparked numerous alien conspiracy theories on whether Bethesda is treating the player mass to "space-dribble" method of upgrades before dropping an "Andromeda" sized patch

Many explorers are still battling the Borgs of bugs scattered across the interstellar playground. They point out that some of these planetary pests are clinging on to big-time quests like "Crimson Fleet," or the corporate giants "Ryujin Industries".

Despite the sigh-inducing patch drop, it's wise to remember that the Starfield in its nascent star-cycle (just a month post-launch) touched down on terra firma pretty smoothly. It was none of those chaotic disaster launches that seemed like a stressed-out supernova explosion. So it seems likely Bethesda is skillfully plotting a 'Big Bang' in the gaming cosmos.

Not so long ago, update 1.7.33 performed some major ground control with a fix for a Starfield money glitch. But whisperings of plugging other quantum weak spots are just that - whispers. No communication on if and when an 'Apollo-13 level' update might take off.

On a tangential but comic note, one Starfield penthouse owner woke up to an existential crisis. His entire collection of "a couple of thousand pieces of armor" vanished in thin space. Apparently, the New Atlantis quests reset the whole planet.

So for now, all you Starfield explorers, keep floating around in this minor-upgrade universe. And as always, Cosmos will keep navigating the gaming ecosphere to keep you tuned. Over and out.

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