A skilled Starfield player happened upon an improbably perfect Kodama machine pistol. The lucky find, blessed by the game’s random number generator, features an optimized set of supportive perks.

High-Speed Kodama: Starfield Player Finds Ideal Gun

In the fast-paced, interstellar world of Starfield, a player has stumbled upon what could be considered the game's paramount weapon. The discovery was shared on Reddit earlier this week: a legendary Kodama machine pistol, known for its superiority among the game's fanbase. However, the uniqueness of this particular Kodama comes not from the weapon itself but from the high-grade perks bundled with it.

In Starfield, players can acquire legendary weapons imbued with three distinct perks. However, these perks seldom synergize with each other or the weapon slated to receive them. This week's find contradicts this common issue. Equipped with “Furious,” “Rapid,” and "Skip Shot," this Kodama is designed to inflict maximum damage in the quickest time possible. The 'Furious' perk magnifies the damage output with each successive hit, while 'Rapid' escalates the fire rate by a quarter. The 'Skip Shot' perk, a truly distinct feature, enables every fourth shot to fire two bullets simultaneously, effectively enhancing the fire rate by an extra quarter.

This fortunate synergy of perks ensures continuous damage and attack speed, a fitting arsenal for the Kodama. With an accuracy rate of 66.9% and a formidable fire rate of 212, the Kodama can be likened to a small yet menacing bullet hose, capable of rapidly ejecting myriad shots. It also has the advantage of being relatively easy to resource, as demonstrated by the player’s massive ammo stockpile of 29,000 rounds.

The Kodama found by the player meticulously exemplifies what RNGesus, the game's random number generator, can bestow upon a player. The remarkably harmonized perks are so potent that the player claims that there could not be a more excellent perk set for this weapon. The only potential for improvement lies in external weapon mods, further enhancing the already impressive hip-fire stability and accuracy.

The Kodama is a popular choice among the Starfield players. Many players prefer it and quickly seek out these handguns during each game session, even absent the divinely guided perk rolls of this particular model. However, securing one isn't always guaranteed. One Starfield player quantified the game's loot system as "laughable" after fighting the same Elite enemy 100 times, only to obtain ten Legendary weapons, hinting at the scarcity of effective guns such as the perfect Kodama.

All in all, the legendary Kodama machine pistol discovered with its ideal perks has caused quite a stir in the gaming community, lifting the spirits of fellow Starfield enthusiasts and increasing the fervor for exploring and unravelling the vast universe that the game offers. The players are all the more delighted and trigger-happy with this discovery, unlike their comrade who happened upon an overpowering firearm that was too intimidating to use.

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