Video game voice actor Kevin Afghani, known for Genshin Impact, steps into significant roles as the voices of Nintendo's iconic characters, Mario and Luigi.

Kevin Afghani Revealed as New Voice of Mario & Luigi

The Super Mario Bros characters - Mario and Luigi have captivated audiences and gamers worldwide with their adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. These characters, brought to life by the innovative gaming company, Nintendo, have become symbols of the industry, their voices as recognizable as their red and green hats. Recently, a monumental change occurred in the realm of these iconic characters as a new voice actor stepped up to the plate to voice them.

Kevin Afghani, an actor renowned in the realm of voice over, particularly for his role as Arnold in Genshin Impact, has been revealed as the new voice of both Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The speculations around the voice actors began following a datamine of the retail demo, leading to heated debates among fans. The two most probable candidates were Kevin Afghani and Wally Wingert. Initially, many suspected Wingert due to the similarities between the speaking voice in the demo and the Talking Flower character Wingert voiced. However, shortly after, Wingert's agents denied his involvement in voicing the iconic duo, thereby confirming Afghani as the new Voice Actor (VA).

Afghani took to Twitter to publicly acknowledge and express his gratitude for landing the quintessential roles. He tweeted, showcasing his pride and enthusiasm for being the voice of Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. He also recognized Nintendo's pivotal role in entrusting him with these characters, thanking them for welcoming him into the Mushroom Kingdom – a nod to his newfound place in the Mario Bros franchise.

With this immense recognition and responsibility of voicing the famous brothers comes the challenge of living up to their legacy, a challenge that Afghani seems prepared to meet head-on. Early feedback from trailers and demos indicates that fans are already fond of Afghani's interpretation of the characters, heightening the anticipation for the game's full release on October 20th.

This substantial milestone in Afghani's career is undoubtedly deserving of celebration. From snippets of Mario's voice as he rides the Inchworm Pipe, it is clear that Afghani has given the gaming hero a fresh new voice without sacrificing the charm we have come to love.

While the world waits for the full release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, fans cannot help but engage in discussion and speculation around the immense potential of this new era for the famous plumber duo. As this discussion continues, one thing is for sure: the gaming world is eager to welcome Afghani to the Mushroom Kingdom and listen to his rendition of our favorite characters, Mario and Luigi.

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